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*NSYNC members react to terrorist attack in Manchester - 5/23/17


Justin Timberlake overshadows NBA star - 5/22/17

Yahoo! Sports, 5/22/17 --

NBA star Mike Conley Jr. gets plenty of shine on the hardwood, but off the court is a different story entirely. Conley has developed a friendship with megastar Justin Timberlake, who frequently overshadows the Memphis Grizzlies point guard when the two are out on the town.

Since becoming a minority owner of the Grizzlies in 2012, the entertainer and Conley have spent time together at various events and have become golfing buddies. In a recent visit to the Yahoo studio, Conley shared funny anecdotes about being a celebrity with an even more famous friend.


Lance Bass Is Breaking into the Food Industry: 'My Dream Is to Have My Own Cooking Show' - 5/22/17

PEOPLE, 5/22/17 --

Lance Bass knows there's nothing like southern comfort.

That's why the former *NSYNC singer is partnering with online meal kit service Chef'd to bring a taste of his Mississippi roots to your home.

"I think there's a big void in southern food right now — especially with a lot of these meal kits," Bass, 38, tells PEOPLE. "Since that is my specialty, I thought it'd be great to bring out some of my favorite meals that I learned from my grandmother and my mom and change the recipes slightly to be healthier."

He adds: "People are going to find out for the first time that I like cooking and that I can come up with recipes."

The service delivers ready-to-cook ingredients in packages ranging from $9 to $79, and Bass' five recipes, along with a cook-off video with the company's CEO Kyle Ransford, will be unveiled on May 25. Customers have an option to choose between subscription services or order the kits a la carte.

"I love that you can really choose the things that you want to cook instead of being told what to cook," Bass says, adding that beginners "could easily" make his recipes. "I'm not trying to teach you how to be a chef because a chef I am not. But I wanted something a little tricky for people to learn something."

While growing up in Mississippi, Bass says that his family "was always in the kitchen."

"My grandmother is just one of the best cooks ever," Bass continues. "I didn't realize how special I had it until I moved away and started tasting everyone else's Southern cooking and it just did not taste as good as my family's."

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Justin Timberlake as Neil Bogart? 5 Hot Cannes Projects (That Went Absolutely Nowhere) - 5/22/17

The Hollywood Reporter, 5/22/17 --

Lights, cameras, attention! With approximately 90 percent of the world's media decamping on a relatively small stretch of coastline for a week in May, there's good reason why the Cannes Film Festival has become a popular spot to make a flashy film announcement. But as anyone who has been to a few press conferences and launch parties will know, not everything that is given a star-fuelled promotional giddy-up on the Croisette is an automatic dead cert (many are anything but). Some projects fizzle and die over the coming years, left to forever roam in "development" limbo land, while others spectacularly burst into flames within hours. Here are a few of the more recent major Cannes launches to never see the light of day.

2013: Justin Timberlake's Spinning Gold
Throwing a party for a film you haven't actually found a director for is always a risky affair, but when the force that is Justin Timberlake has signed on to take the lead (and co-produce), then surely it's worth going a little wild. The star was in Cannes in 2013 to promote Spinning Gold, a high-profile rags-to-riches disco-fueled biopic of iconic 1970s record exec Neil Bogart, teasing guests at the bash with a few lines from hits such as "Last Dance," "Ain't No Sunshine" and Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby." Spike Lee was later tapped to helm, but four years on and the gold has seemingly stopped spinning. Timberlake recently said they had been "chipping away at the material," which doesn't exactly sound like it'll be getting the crowds pumping soon.

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Baby Kirkpatrick update - 5/21/17


Justin Timberlake wins two Billboard Music Awards - 5/21/17



Lance Bass Chows Down on Brutally Hot Grasshoppers, Eats Sketchy Parking Lot Crabs, Lives to Tell Tale - 5/20/17

Bravo, 5/19/17 --

Lance Bass can handle the heat—so he claims. "I love the heat, I love some spice," he declares in Going Off the Menu, a digital series hosted by Graham Elliot that explores Los Angeles' underground food scene. Lance, who grew up near New Orleans, is pretty confident he can handle the spicy food he's about to sample.

But can he handle noshing on grasshoppers? At Salazar, a Mexican restaurant with special off-the-menu dishes that only those in the know order, he's put to the test. While the restaurant is known for its kick-ass carne asada tacos, Graham and Lance also order the "secret stash," which includes ultra spicy ghost pepper salsa topped with fried grasshoppers.

The infamous ghost pepper is one of the hottest in the world, registering a whopping 1 million Scoville units (a jalapeño is only 10,000 Scoville units). "Holy moley!" Lance exclaims when he bites into a taco garnished with a healthy dollop of salsa. "The left side of my tongue is really killing right now!"

He's into the crunchy grasshoppers, too. "That is amazing!" he exclaims, taking several more bites and declaring the ghost pepper his "new favorite pepper."

The heat test continues when Lance and Graham go on a wild crab chase, ending up in a deserted car wash parking lot after dark. After some cryptic instructions, they track down cook Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen, hiding in the trunk of an SUV with an aluminum pan full of his spicy Singapore chili crabs. Lance and Graham dig in with their hands—no plates or utensils necessary. It's saucy, garlicky, and aromatic, and with a variety of Thai chiles in the dish, there are "all these different flavors going on that makes the dish explosive with heat," Graham explains.

"This has been an incredible culinary experience," Lance says, adding that he can't wait to bring friends back.

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Jamie Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass' whirlwind trip to Israel in photos - 5/20/17

Hello! Magazine, 5/17/17 --

A day after she was honored with the Medal of Hope Award at the Race to Erase MS Gala, Jamie Lynn Sigler hopped a flight with her friend Carly to join Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin for an unforgettable experience in Israel.

The group was nonstop during their seven-day trip taking in the sights of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, eating through the local cuisine and capturing every moment. "I loved chatting over breakfast and coffee with the owner of Tmol Shilshom, Jerusalem's first coffee bar," Jamie Lynn tells HELLO!. "He opened it 22 years ago before there was anything like it in the city, and it remains a cool spot to hang out today."

Keep reading for the besties' highlights and reasons why a getaway like this is so special.

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UPDATE: Seth Rogen and His Wife Think Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are the 'Better Looking Version of Us' - 5/20/17

PEOPLE, 5/17/17 --

This is (sort of) us.

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen are seeing similarities between themselves and another Hollywood couple.

"Me and my wife have recently come to the unsettling realization that @jtimberlake and @JessicaBiel are the better looking version of us," joked Rogen on Twitter, Wednesday, sharing a photo of him and his wife alongside a similar, street shot of Justin Timberlake and his spouse Jessica Biel.

Miller Rogen echoed the sentiment, adding "#BetterLookingUs" in a retweet.

It seems, however, that at least Biel has taken the comment as a profession of affection.

She wrote back later that afternoon, "@Sethrogen are you flirting with us? WE HOPE SO."

Confirmed Rogen, 35, "Always."



Chris Kirkpatrick remembers Chris Cornell - 5/18/17


Luis Fonsi Was In A High School A Capella Group With This *NSYNCer - 5/18/17, 5/18/17 --

Luis Fonsi has quite the musical connection with *NSYNC alum Joey Fatone.

During an interview with AOL's BUILD on Wednesday, the "Despacito" singer gave a little back story about how he and Fatone ended up on the same high school music group.

When asked to reveal the name of the high school students' group, Fonsi decided to give a little more detail about how everything started.

"Ok I gotta explain this, because if not it's going to be awkward," he said.

Both Fonsi and Fatone attended Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. The two singers also ended up in the same chorus class.

"[Our chorus teacher] Mr. G would always put sort of the section leaders of the men's ensemble to do the songs that we were learning. It was myself, Joey Fatone and two other guys," Fonsi explained. "And we would always kind of show the class, because we were nerds."

The four high school students would take current hits and make them their own, and the foursome eventually decided to channel their musical talents into a group.

"We would always take those songs and kind of do them but more in like a Doo-Wop or in an R&B version. We would start covering [the songs] ― back then it was Boys II Men "End of the Road" and "On Bended Knee" and all those beautiful songs ― in four part harmony a capella. So we became a group and tried to get a really hip name."


Woody Allen discusses 'Wonder Wheel' - 5/17/17

Indie Wire, 5/17/17 --

Woody Allen finished his period drama for Amazon Studios, "Wonder Wheel," on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, he decided to sit for his first-ever Facebook Live video interview, conducted by filmmaker Robert Weide, director of 2012's "Woody Allen: A Documentary." Allen discussed his latest movie, which stars Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake, and also shared his thoughts on many of his previous films, most of which he believes were mishandled by distributors.

Here are some of the highlights from the more than one-hour conversation:

On "Wonder Wheel":

It comes out at the end of the summer. It was shot in Coney Island and it takes place in the year 1950 or 1951 — I can't remember. I grew up near Coney Island and I went to Coney Island frequently, but I was never one to go on any of those rides… I've never been on the Wonder Wheel and I've never been on the Cyclone.

To watch the full interview, check out the video below.

Read more here.



Joey Fatone on 'Return of the Mac' tonight - 5/17/17


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