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Chanel and Pharrell Williams Drop World's Most Exclusive Sneakers - 11/22/17

WWD, 11/22/17 --

Chanel and Pharrell Williams on Tuesday dropped the world's most exclusive sneakers — and Justin Timberlake was the first to snag a pair.

The "SexyBack" singer, who is working with Williams on his new album, caused a sensation by popping in to Colette for a party celebrating Chanel's takeover of the Paris concept store.

Posing with Williams and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, Timberlake proudly brandished a Chanel bag containing the 1,000-euro sneakers designed by Williams in collaboration with Chanel and Adidas Originals, as an offshoot of his ongoing collaboration with the German sporting goods firm.

Williams sat down with WWD to discuss quantum physics, sneakermania and why the future is female:

WWD: Among your upcoming projects, everyone is talking about the N.E.R.D. album. Do you have a drop date for that yet?

P.W.: I can't tell you, but I'm so glad you asked. I'm glad that you care to ask.

WWD: What other projects are in the works?

P.W.: Well, the Ariana Grande stuff is pretty amazing. The things that she has to say on this album, it's pretty next-level. Her album is amazing. And the Justin Timberlake is crazy.

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*NSYNC Christmas merch sells out in hours - 11/21/17, 11/20/17 --

Bells are ringing, it's time to scream and shout (scream and shout) — but everybody's crying on Twitter 'cause the new line of *NSYNC merchandise is sold out. Fifteen years after they split up in 2002, the record-breaking boy band back with a new line of holiday merch that's sent fans into a frenzy. The line of Christmas-themed sweaters, ornaments, and more was announced on social media to much excitement earlier this month, and almost immediately sold out when it hit the online store late last week.

Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick haven't made music together since their last album, Celebrity, came out in 2001. After touring for the CD, Justin left to embark on a solo career — but fans have never given up on them.

Their holiday album — and its lead single, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays — is still a favorite, and love for the song seems to have inspired the band to put out some new goodies this year.

'The band is thrilled to create an exciting new line of merch with Epic Rights in celebration of our 20th Anniversary,' Lance Bass said in a statement.

On November 16, The limited-edition collection went on sale on *NSYNC's website, with this announcement on the official Twitter account: We may have been "Gone", but we're "Thinking of You" & since "It's Christmas" here's an ugly sweater, a stocking & some other things too.'

The collection was comprised of three sweaters for $45 to $80, including one that featured the marionette-like versions of the singers from their It's Gonna Be Me video. There was a T-shirt, a mug, and slip-on shoes with a cartoon of the band and the words 'It's Gonna Be Sleigh,' as well as a tree ornament, two pins, and a beanie (hilariously called the 'Tearin' Up My Hat').

Unfortunately, the band seems to have underestimated the demand for *NSYNC Christmas merch, and everything sold out in under 24 hours.

'We will talk to Santa ASAP!' the site reads, indicating there might be another run available soon.

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Preview of Justin Timberlake on Grammys Special - 11/21/17


Lance Bass shares pie recipes - 11/21/17



Here's the letter Greta Gerwig wrote Justin Timberlake asking to use his song in Lady Bird - 11/21/17

Entertainment Weekly, 11/21/17 --

We all have a special relationship to certain songs that define our youth and Saoirse Ronan's titular character in Lady Bird is no exception — and neither is the film's writer and director, Greta Gerwig.

Last night, Gerwig stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to chat about the movie and just how personal it is to audiences. Some of those personal touches include music choices, like Justin Timberlake's breakup anthem "Cry Me a River." In order to get permission to use the song during a pivotal moment in Lady Bird, Gerwig personally wrote a letter to the music star (and fangirled a bit in the process).

"I mean, what can I say? You're Justin Timberlake," Gerwig read aloud to Meyers, "You were the soundtrack to my adolescence. Your rise corresponded exactly with my very awkward puberty." And then, the writer-director added, it "just gets worse." You can read the full letter below.

Gerwig also wrote to Dave Matthews asking if she could use his classic song "Crash Into Me" by explaining that it is "the most romantic song ever" and that she wishes she "could go back in time and tell my 16-year-old self that this moment was coming."

Oh, and you'll definitely want to watch to hear Gerwig's relationship with Alanis Morissette's bible of angst, Jagged Little Pill.

Lady Bird is in theaters now, and you can watch the full clip of Gerwig's appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers above.


Pharrell Enlists Justin Timberlake for #LemonDanceChallenge - 11/20/17, 11/20/17 --

If you're still in a state of content shock over the perfection of N*E*R*D's huge comeback single with Rihanna, "Lemon," know that you're not alone. The season's most surprisingly-satisfactory release was delivered unto us with a music video that eschewed its famous faces to focus on a single dancer and some stunning choreography. Like all great choreography, there is now a viral challenge to amp it up, and it seems Pharrell got his hands on Justin Timberlake to join him. Watch it below.

Dance crews and N*E*R*D aficionados alike have been using the hashtag #LemonDanceChallenge to document their interpretation of the frenetic moves, but this is the first instance in which Pharrell has acknowledged it. Perhaps most intriguing of all is that Williams is hanging out with Timberlake, something that made headlines earlier this year when the two were spotted in studio with Timbaland. Stay tuned to see if new JT comes our way – perhaps in time for his Superbowl halftime show?


Chris Kirkpatrick sings Backstreet Boys karaoke - 11/20/17



Justin Timberlake records video in Los Angeles - 11/20/17 (Google translation), 11/18/17 --

Justin Timberlake was seen this Saturday (18/11) recording a video alongside Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. The director of the video is Dave Meyers who directed HUMBLE and LOYALTY by Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello Havana and This I Promise You from *NSYNC.

Check out more photos from the set here.


New *NSYNC merchandise now available - 11/17/17


Troll order: Justin Timberlake voices animated Branch - 11/17/17, 11/17/17 --

Singer-songwriter, actor, record producer and now, voice artist. Justin Timberlake speaks about voicing Branch, the paranoid Troll, in director Mike Mitchell's (2016) 3D animated musical, Trolls.

How would you look as a troll? How would you picture yourself?
You know what someone said to me? She was from Germany, and she said, 'You you look like a character in the movie!' And I was like, 'Oh, just like him?' And she said, 'Yeah, just like him!' So, I said, 'They put the camera in our face when we do the voice, so they make the mouth move like that.' But she also meant the ears and everything! I was like, "Damn!" I got a kick out of that!

You're also the executive music producer. Could you pick out one song you really liked?
Maybe this sounds a little obvious, but Can't Stop the Feeling was really a lot of fun to work on, but it was the first time I'd ever written a song that had a specific list of objectives to accomplish. 'Cause it is in the movie, we have two different versions. One that I did for pop radio, and one that has the whole cast singing. It was a lot of fun to do, but different, because I've never written like this before.

What did you do to make your dream work?
There's a famous quote from Vince Lombardi, the American football coach, and I believe it is, "Luck is where preparation meets timing." I think that means you have to have luck to have the moment, but you have to work hard, and be prepared to know that you're about to have that moment. And I think all the hard work will pay off.

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Chris Kirkpatrick's Son Nash Looks Adorable in an *NSYNC Shirt: 'I Think JC Is His Favorite' - 11/17/17

People, 11/16/17 --

Chris Kirkpatrick is many an *NSYNC fan's favorite band member, but his son is not one of them.

The musician and new dad shared an adorable photo of his 5-week-old baby boy Nash Dylan to Twitter on Thursday, showing the little guy wearing a shirt featuring the cover of the superstar pop group's 1998 self-titled debut album.

"I think JC is his favorite," joked Kirkpatrick, 46, in the accompanying text, referring to his former *NSYNC bandmate JC Chasez.

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Lance Bass "Hates Traveling," And Has the Cheesiest Method for Surviving It - 11/16/17, 11/16/17 --

Lance Bass isn't terribly fancy when he travels, but there is just one electronic device he needs in order to be comfortable.

"I have to have my iPad," he tells Jet Set (clip above). "I live on my iPad and it's still the first generation, it's still doing fine. I wish they could make the iPhone like they make the iPad... because I've had it for years and it's fine."

The former boy bander feels rather elderly when he's traveling, which he doesn't enjoy doing at all.

"But I have to play games because I hate traveling, so I need to focus on something," he shares. "I play hearts, I like to play cards. Or I play Smurfs — Smurfs' Village and hearts, that's what I play. I'm basically a 90-year-old woman. It really entertains me and the hours fly when I play those games."

Quaint, Lance. And rated much more PG than Harvey Weinstein's travel essentials.


Adam Levine & Justin Timberlake are more than just "studs with a six-pack" in "People's" Sexiest Men issue - 11/16/17, 11/16/17 --

Country star Blake Shelton may be People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive this year, but he isn't the only musician included in the magazine's latest eye candy-filled issue.

People executive editor Kate Coyne tells ABC Radio, that "one of the main reasons [Blake] said yes to this was so that he could really stick it to Adam [Levine]" -- Blake's longtime rival on The Voice and 2013's Sexiest Man Alive. But turns out Adam's also featured in this year's issue, as part of the mag's "Hottest Couples" section with wife Behati Prinsloo.

"They're just sort of sexy squared," says Coyne. "They are creating such a cool kind of supermodel/rock star family together with their little girl Dusty Rose and now another new baby on the way, and it's just a really lovely, sweet dynamic between the two of them."

That kind of family dynamic is also what lands Justin Timberlake on the list again this year.

"I feel like more and more of what you're seeing from men on this list -- and Justin's a great example -- is guys who are unabashedly in love with their wives, their partners, with their families," Coyne tells ABC Radio, noting that these guys "really have that extra something that makes then a lot sexier than just single stud with a six-pack."

Justin's been included in the issue many times before, so when will he finally claim the "Sexiest Man" title? Coyne says he's always somebody who's on the shortlist, but time will tell.

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*NSYNC And Epic Rights Join Together For Merchandise Line to Celebrate Band's 20th Anniversary - 11/15/17

Billboard, 11/14/17 --

After saying "bye, bye, bye" in 2002, *NSYNC is poised to return next year with a new line of global merchandise to celebrate the boy band's 20th anniversary.

One of the best-selling bands of all-time with more than 70 million records sold, *NSYNC has joined forces with branding and licensing company Epic Rights to develop a new line of apparel, accessories, gift and collectible products.

"The band is thrilled to create an exciting new line of merch with Epic Rights in celebration of our 20th Anniversary," said founding member Lance Bass, in a statement. Bass will serve as the band's liaison with Epic Rights.

Epic Rights CEO Dell Furano added, "*NSYNC ushered in the modern age of huge merchandise sales both at their sold-out concerts and at retail. We are certain we will have equal success today."

Among the licensing categories Epic Rights plans to develop for *NSYNC will be a retro line of '90s inspired fashion apparel and accessories, collaborating with some of the era's iconic fashion brands. Additionally, Epic Rights will focus on a line utilizing album covers, photos, logos, and art for products such as tops, t-shirts, accessories, electronics, seasonal and home décor, as well as games, collectible figures, slot machines and more. Epic Rights will also manage the group's online presence and official Website promotions.

Winterland originally handled the band's merchandise in the '90s, but the group had been without a merchandiser for several years.

Other 20th anniversary activities include a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Spring 2018, which could coincide with the release of the band's first single, "I Want You Back" in March 1998.

No word yet on if the group, which, in addition to Bass, included Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake, has any plans to make any 20th anniversary appearances. Timberlake will headline the Super Bowl LII half-time show in Minneapolis on Feb. 4. The band last reunited at the 2013 MTV Music Awards.


Watch three clips from DreamWorks Trolls Holiday - 11/15/17, 11/14/17 --

Last month it was announced that the voice cast of the hit movie Trolls are reuniting for this month's animated special DreamWorks Trolls Holiday, and we've got three clips for you here ahead of its premiere on NBC later this month; check them out here…

When Poppy, queen of the Trolls, realizes that the Bergens' calendar has no holidays to celebrate, she enlists Branch and the Snack Pack in a mission to enlighten her best friend Bridget and the rest of the Bergens about the importance of holidays. Can these two mismatched friends find something meaningful to celebrate, even if it's super tiny?

Trolls Holiday features the voice talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and Zooey Deschanel, and will air on NBC on Friday November 24th, before hitting DVD and Digital on November 28th and Netflix on December 6th.


Geeking out with *NSYNC's Joey Fatone at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 - 11/15/17

AiPT!, 11/14/17 --

At the height of *NSYNC's popularity, it's likely those of the geek persuasion probably didn't have a sense of kinship with the boy band's ravenous fanbase. But forget the screaming fans–a geek was embedded among the chart-topping pop hit makers in the form of Joey Fatone!

(And let's face it, he probably wasn't the only one–looking at you, Timberlake.)

Fatone was one of many celebrity guests to attend Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 and was nice enough to chat with AiPT! in the minutes leading up to Day 2 November 11. What followed was a great conversation about, what else, but Superman, geeking out and hot dogs!

What'd you expect us to talk about, *NSYNC?

AiPT!: What do you enjoy about coming to events like Rhode Island Comic Con?

Joey Fatone: You know what, it's a combination of a lot of different things. One, I haven't been to Rhode Island in a while. Two, it's fun to do comic cons because you get to go and, obviously, get a chance to meet fans and people you maybe haven't seen in a while since I haven't been touring with *NSYNC, obviously, and people remember me from so many different things, which is pretty interesting. Obviously, the money doesn't suck, so it's not too bad…

AiPT: Haha!

Fatone: It's fun to do. It's weird because it's a combination of everything and it's a fun thing to do to be out here and just say thanks to your fans. A lot of of these celebrities aren't in Rhode Island all the time, so it's a good chance to do that–plus, I buy a bunch of shit.

AiPT: Well, I was just going to ask that. Are you a comic reader or collector?

Joey Fatone: Yeah–Superman. I collect stuff, so it's itching me right now not having gone over there yet, but hopefully at some point I'll get over there and, yeah, I will probably buy some stuff.

Read more here.



'Here We Grow': Iowa farmers create hilarious *NSYNC parody - 11/15/17

KCCI, 11/13/17 --

Some Iowa farmers are making amber waves of social media gold with a hilarious parody of *NSYNC's "Here We Go." The Behn Brothers posted a five-minute video on their Facebook page earlier this month of their own version, "Here We Grow," and it's been watched more than 50,000 times as of Monday. They said the harvest season "always turns into a party."


Jessica Biel Knows This Much About Justin Timberlake's 2018 Super Bowl Performance - 11/15/17

E! Online, 11/14/17 --

Jessica Biel is pleading the fifth!

The star of USA Network's The Sinner recently chatted with E! News about Justin Timberlake's halftime show performance at the 2018 Super Bowl. As she explained to us, J.T.'s kept his wife of five years completely in the dark as rehearsals get underway.

"I know nothing, truly," Jessica shared, ultimately teasing, "They're being very thoughtful about what they want to do and figuring it out."

Fans will just have to consider Biels' lips completely sealed! She did tell us the whole family, including 2-year-old son Silas Timberlake, is excited to check out the actress' Midwest roots. "I was born in Minnesota," she said. "I didn't really grow up there, but yes we are going back!"

So what is there to know about the biggest gig in Timberlake's career? For starters, he's promised no wardrobe malfunctions à la the 2004 Super Bowl with Janet Jackson, and two sources told us she won't join him onstage for round two.

One source said the 10-time Grammy winner's set will be "classic J.T.," explaining, "Justin will be playing his old stuff during his Super Bowl performance... Justin's team has really been pushing to lock in this deal and he's very excited for the opportunity."

Timberlake himself has major goals to accomplish come February 4, as he shared during an appearance on Football Night in America, "What I really want to do is take the opportunity to put together a performance that feels like it unifies... and then the icing on the cake is at some point, within that 12 minutes, that everybody is shaking their booty."

Read more here.


Kate Winslet & Justin Timberlake Pick the Same Designer for 'Wonder Wheel' NYC Screening - 11/15/17

Just Jared, 11/14/17 --

Justin Timberlake suits up on the red carpet for the special screening of his movie Wonder Wheel on Tuesday (November 14) at the MoMA in New York City.

The 36-year-old entertainer was joined at the event by co-stars Kate Winslet, Juno Temple, Jim Belushi, and director Woody Allen.

Kate and Justin happened to pick the same designer – Tom Ford!

Wonder Wheel will hit theaters on December 1.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Tom Ford dress and Fred Leighton jewels. Justin is wearing a Tom Ford suit, shirt, tie, and pocket square with Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. Juno is wearing a Dior dress and bag with an EF Collection choker.

25+ pictures inside of Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, and more at the screening…



Pink recalls dating *NSYNC's Joey Fatone - 11/1c/17

Brampton Guardian, 11/15/17 --

Pink thinks her one-time date Joey Fatone is "a sweet heart".

The 38-year-old singer-songwriter went on a date with the former *NSYNC star during her first concert tour when she was just 19, and although their romance failed to work out, Pink retains positive memories of the experience.

The American musician - who has been married to Carey Hart since 2006 - told James Corden on the latest episode of 'Carpool Karaoke': "Joey Fatone used to come in my dressing room every day and visit with us, and he was such a sweet heart."

Joey had a crush on the singer and decided to ask her dad whether he could take the then-teenager out on a date.

Pink - who has daughter Willow, six, and 11-month-old son Jameson with her husband - recalled: "My dad actually thought Joey was very charming.

"[Joey] took me to Friendly's. As a friendly date, not like, a date-date. I just wanted ice cream. We were in the friend zone."

Read more here.


Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, More Honor Amy Adams at American Cinematheque Awards Gala - 11/13/17

Us Weekly, 11/11/17 --

Amy Adams was the star of the night at the 31st Annual American Cinematheque Awards Gala where she was honored for her extensive acting career. The event, which was held on Friday, November 10, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in L.A., was attended by Adams' A-list pals, including Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hanks.

Justin Timberlake

The former boy bander joked that his Trouble With the Curve costar is a "monster, more specifically, a karaoke monster" who bullied him into singing Aladdin's "A Whole New World" with her while they were shooting in Atlanta, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Read more here. Check out photos of Justin Timberlake at the gala at Zimbio.


Lance Bass Isn't Doing 'Celebrity Big Brother' -- Here's Why - 11/13/17

Entertainment Tonight, 11/10/17 --

Lance Bass is the self-proclaimed "biggest Big Brother" fan out there -- but that doesn't mean he's signing up for the first-ever U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother this winter.

"I'm not doing it," he reveals to ET. "I am the biggest Big Brother fan ever. I want to play this game so badly, but it's just, I'm not going to be in a house that long and not get paid $10 million. So, if you wanna pay me $10 million, I'm in!"

CBS's celebrity edition of the game will premiere in early 2018 for a limited run, with famous faces moving into the Big Brother house for the first time -- and Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, have some dream casting in mind.

"We're so excited," Bass admits. "I would love to see Kathy Griffin, for multiple reasons. I think she would just be great television, and she loves the game. AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys, another big Big Brother fan. I like to see fans in the house. And, our girl, Fortune Feimster, would be really great in the house."

"And Lisa Vanderpump!" Turchin adds. "She would never do it in her entire life, but that would just be TV gold."

"I did try to convince her to go," Bass admits. "It didn't work."

"She can't share a shower or toilet with people," Turchin says. "It's not happening."

ET caught up with the couple at Vanderpump's Vanderpump Dog Foundation annual gala in Los Angeles on Thursday night. The pair are big supporters of the rescue organization, having adopted two puppies from the center.

"We've seen this little puppy, ha, 'puppy' grow from a little inkling of an idea into an amazing foundation, an amazing rescue shelter, all within just a couple years, which is insane," Bass says. "Like, all of us have ideas -- but, Lisa and [her husband], Ken, are doers. If they think of something, it happens in the next month and I think that's so amazing."

Watch the interview here.



Lou Pearlman, Disgraced Manager of *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, Is Getting the TV Treatment - 11/13/17

In Touch Weekly, 11/11/17 --

In the 1990s, Lou Pearlman was on top of the pop music world — as the manager of both *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. But in the 2000s, his empire fell amid fraud charges, and just last year, he died in federal custody. Now, however, Lou's story will live on, thanks to a limited TV series in development.

Inspired by the New Kids on the Block, Lou founded Trans Continental Records and formed a fledgling boy band called the Backstreet Boys. Following BSB's massive success, Lou somehow got lightning to strike twice. Following the same formula, he created *NSYNC.

Unfortunately, his runaway wealth was built on a house of cards. In 2006, investigators discovered Lou had committed fraud, bilking investors out of at least $300 million, according to Billboard. Lou fled to Indonesia, where he was arrested in 2007. In 2008, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for money laundering, conspiracy, and making false statements during a bankruptcy hearing.

It gets worse: Lou may have sexually assaulted his employees, as well. "We would hear things, for sure," *NSYNC's Lance Bass told Billboard in 2014. "He would always have young boy limo drivers for Trans Continental Records. Those limo drivers would always be put into different boy bands. Then I'd hear rumors that he would molest the boys before they would even get into the groups. I don't know how much of that is true, but to me, where there's smoke, there's fire."

Now Lou's story is headed for the small screen. Songwriters Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson, who wrote hits for both bands, will produce the series — basing it on that same 2007 Vanity Fair article and the 2008 crime thriller The Hit Charade by Bryan Burrough. It's sure to be a scintillating show since Lou was, to borrow a BSB song title, "Larger Than Life," to borrow the title of a BSB song — and because he apparently considered himself above the law, too.

Read more here.


What The Shadowboxers Learned From Justin Timberlake's Swagger - 11/13/17, 11/9/17 --

Straight out of Nashville, The Shadowboxers are turning heads in the music world with their new single "Hot Damn!"

Band members Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman stop by to preview their upcoming headlining shows in New York City. The group discussed how their journey performing live, how they developed their sound, and how YouTube helped propel their careers.

We also got the inside scoop on how The Shadowboxers met Justin Timberlake. The Grammy-winner signed the band to his record label, and spent time with the group in the studio, to help them with their hit single. The guys tell us the most important lessons they've learned from Timberlake, and give some predictions for his upcoming Super Bowl performance.

Finally, we discuss the band's over four million streams on Spotify. They say they're pro-streaming, and discuss how it's helped spread their sound to fans around the world.

Watch the interview here.


*NSYNC members honor veterans - 11/12/17



Q+A: The Shadowboxers on New Music, Working with Timberlake - 11/7/17

Variance, 11/7/17 --

After recently sharing their buzzy new single "Hot Damn!," Nashville R&B-pop outfit The Shadowboxers are playing a series of shows this week in New York and building momentum as they work on new music.

The trio, comprised of Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins and Scott Tyler, was discovered by Justin Timberlake, who actually signed them to his Villa 40 label and has been working with him on their upcoming debut full-length.

Before their shows this week, which also include stops in Philadelphia and D.C., the band talked with Variance about navigating the music industry, hitting the studio with Timberlake and their upcoming plans.

Check out our Q+A below and see their shows at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday and the Bowery Ballroom in New York on Saturday. Tickets are available here.

Being signed with Justin Timberlake is a pretty big deal, but it didn't happen overnight. How did you stay motivated leading up to this point?

Matt: We've faced a ton of plateaus in our career and then simultaneously, moments of almost immediate momentum once we've hit those plateaus. But right before things happened with Justin, we had sort of come to a point where we wanted to take our career in our own hands. Things had wrapped up with the Indigo Girls, who we were touring with for a number of years, and so in an attempt to retain some momentum, we started doing a cover series on YouTube to try to reach a broader audience. And it really worked – we have people who come up to us at almost every show now that will know us through our covers. So that obviously really motivated us to take it to the next level. And then of course those covers reached Justin, which was a huge accomplishment and pushed us forward. We always try to look at our career as a series of problems that need to be solved and we just keep on moving to the next problem.

Scott: And once Justin got involved, it was easy to stay motivated. Once his name showed up in our email inbox, it was the easiest thing to stay motivated because the stakes got so much higher for us. We knew that everything we'd been doing, we just needed to keep doing more of. We were writing like crazy and we'd send him songs every couple of weeks, demoing them in a converted bedroom in our house in Nashville. We were just constantly recording music, finding new ways to reach people and make music that was better than the song before it.

Read more here.


Jessica Biel reveals how parenting has changed her relationship with husband, Justin Timberlake - 11/7/17, 11/7/17 --

For fans of Jessica Biel, it's fair to say her return to the small screen is a huge leap from her 7th Heaven days.

The 35-year-old serves as star and executive producer of new Netflix series The Sinner. The story follows a young mother, Cora, who murders a stranger in public – without any idea why.

The show then explores the fallout and how it affects Cora's marriage.

And, most importantly, her young son.

Here, Jessica talks to TV WEEK about the challenging role and how, thankfully, it couldn't be further from her own life.

Cora is a mother – and you and [husband] Justin Timberlake also became parents to son Silas in 2015. How has parenthood changed you?
"Being a mother has changed everything. When you become a parent, you think you're a patient person, but you're not. You think you're a compassionate person, but you're not."

Has it changed your relationship at all?
"You see your partner in a completely different way, because you're seeing them interact with this little, perfect thing you created. All ego and cool factor is gone when they're lying on the floor, googly-eyeing a fat baby. I feel like I look at him totally differently some days. I'm in awe of him and how he interacts with that little dude."

Read more here.


Justin Timberlake at Festival Presidente - 11/5/17 (Google translation), 11/5/17 --

Justin Timberlake was present for the first time at the Festival Presidente in the Dominican Republic, which on its second day included artists of salsa, reggaetón and vallenato.

The singer-songwriter and American actor gave ovations when interpreting his hit Can't Stop the Feeling, wrapped up in a Dominican flag and sending greetings in a Spanish crush on Saturday night.

It was his first concert in the Caribbean.

After 12:00 midnight on Sunday his show began, with the sound of a recording of the famous song My Way, in the voice of the legendary Frank Sinatra. This gave way to an impressive play of lights that covered as a moving roof the audience from the huge stage.

Shouts of excitement from the audience while on the huge screens was the image of Justin Timberlake.

Read more here.



Justin Timberlake Re-Enters Social 50 Chart After Super Bowl Announcement - 11/3/17

Billboard, 11/3/17 --

Recently announced Super Bowl LII halftime show performer Justin Timberlake returns to Billboard's Social 50 chart, re-entering at No. 34 on the Nov. 11-dated ranking after announcing his performance via social media on Oct. 22.

The Social 50 is powered by data tracked by music analytics company Next Big Sound and ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia and Tumblr. The chart's methodology blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with artist page views and engagement. The chart's latest tracking week ended Oct. 26, and BTS is No. 1 for a 46th week.

Timberlake made the announcement through his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, revealing the long-rumored news via a skit with Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake rose 616 percent in overall social mentions in the tracking week ending Oct. 26, with 58,000 total Twitter mentions, according to Next Big Sound.

Read more here.


Lance Bass Opens Up About Unwanted Advances 'From Both Men and Women' - 11/3/17

Variety, 11/3/17 --

Over the past couple of months we've been hit with a barrage of stories and accusations revolving around sexual misconduct and abuse in Hollywood. I, like most people in this business, have heard countless rumors over the years, but not until these rumors were given life over the past couple months did they finally seem real — and this is a problem.

Now, I'm certain I'm not saying anything new here, nor am I the most eloquent, but as a society, we've been become far too comfortable with the pervasive "casting couch" adage that it no longer resembles what it truly is — sexual assault.

Finally, victims are speaking out, giving faces to these too-often overlooked victims and proving that we can no longer be complacent and quiet, if we truly want things to change.

I grew up in the entertainment business and I've experienced my share of unwanted advances from both men and women who saw me as a target. The experiences left me shaking and confused each time. I hated being put into that position, but I was too afraid to say anything. First because I was not out, and second because I didn't want to affect the jobs of the hundreds of people who depended on me working. The people who perpetrate these horrible acts know this. They rely on it. For my young mind, the stakes were overwhelming and silence seemed to be the only option. So I remained silent.

Later on, I would come out of the closet and find a comfort and relief in those who accepted me. In the years since, I've met wonderful members of the LGBTQ entertainment community who've fostered my career, partnered on my projects and stood out as beacons of brilliance in a town filled with incredible creatives at all levels.

I say this because it's important to remember that sexual predators are just that. They come in all sexual orientations and seek to overpower those who believe they have too much to lose if they speak up. Recent statements in the press have irresponsibly conflated predatory behavior with homosexuality, and blurring that line is simply dangerous. Loving who you love isn't a choice; abuse on the other hand is.

I'm truly thankful for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters and our straight allies, as we raise our voices to give strength and protection to those who are still scared and silent. That being said, we still have a long way to go. I am certain more stories of abuse will be brought to light, and I hope those responsible will be brought to justice. As a society, we've accepted sexual misconduct for far too long, and I believe we've finally reached the beginning of the end. The end of fear. The end of shame. The end of intimidation. The end of abuse.

— Lance Bass

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Justin Timberlake Confided in Jimmy Fallon During Britney Spears Breakup - 11/3/17

Us Weekly, 11/3/17 --

Gimme more, Jimmy Fallon! The Tonight Show host appeared on the Thursday, November 2, episode of Watch What Happens Live where he played a friendly game of "Plead the Fifth." Host Andy Cohen naturally brought up the year 2002 — the year of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' infamous break up — which also happens to be the year Timberlake and Fallon became friends.

When asked if the "Sexy Back" singer ever told him why they split, after a long pause, Fallon admitted that he knew. He also added that "every now and then" a Spears song will come on and they'll all dance to it!

"We used to hang out all the time, with Britney as well," Fallon noted. "That's when we met each other on Saturday Night Live. I remember going to a Super Bowl party at Planet Hollywood that Britney and Justin were having. It was just really fun."

Cohen then asked if he thought at that time that Spears and Timberlake would be together forever. "Eh," Fallon answered.

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Chris & Karly Kirkpatrick celebrate their anniversary - 11/3/17


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