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Justin Timberlake Announced to Close Rock in Rio 2017 Festival - 2/21/17

The Rio Times, 2/21/17 --

Justin Timberlake is the latest name to be added to music festival Rock in Rio's line-up this year. Timberlake, who has previously performed at the Rio festival in 2001 and 2013, as well as in the Lisbon edition in 2014, will be 2017's closing act on the World Stage, performing on Sunday, September 17th in Rio.

Timberlake joins the all-star festival line-up, which will also feature Lady Gaga among its international headliners this year. With his latest chart-topping song 'Can't Stop the Feeling' recently wining a Grammy and also nominated for an Oscar, Timberlake looks likely to draw crowds once again at this year's festival.

Other acts newly announced for September 17th continue Rock in Rio's blend of genres and big names, with guitarist Nile Rogers with legendary 70s disco-funk group Chic set to perform in addition to Frejat, considered one of the most important names in Brazilian rock.

The festival will continue into September with its eclectic mix of heavy-hitters from the international and Brazilian pop and rock scenes. Other names acts playing range from Aerosmith to CeeLo Green, and include Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ney Matogrosso & Nação Zumbi.

Regarding the inclusion of pop and non-rock acts in the festival, the lead singer and lyricist for Carioca-based rock band Clashing Clouds, Fabio Figueira, told The Rio Times. "RIR has always been a music festival that goes way beyond genre or style."

He adds, "It is hard to imagine George Benson, Ozzy Osbourne and Alceu Valença in the same playlist, but as crazy as it might sound they played in RIR in the past and I don't think there were a that many 'narrow minded haters' criticizing the 'Non-rock groups'."

Chuck Cassie, a Canadian expatriate living in Rio and managing partner of The Lucky Screw Irish Pub in Copacabana, which hosts live rock bands seven nights a week, shares, "There's no accounting for taste, but shows like Rock in Rio need to include the popular music in order to be successful."

He explains, "Thematic shows would be a different matter, such as a Blues Festival, or a Woodstock remake, but Rock in Rio is touted as being a modern popular rock music show, so they need to adapt to the times, whether [some] like it or not."



*NSYNC Reunion: Joey Fatone & Chris Kirkpatrick Tease What You Dreamed Of For Years - 2/21/17, 2/21/17 --

Lucky us! Joey Fatone, 40, and Chris Kirkpatrick, 45, spoke to EXCLUSIVELY before they rocked it on Celebrity Family Feud, and they had some juicy secrets to spill. No, it wasn't the formula that Justin Timberlake used in the aughts to make his hair look like ramen. The *NSYNC guys hinted that the *NSYNC reunion we've patiently waited for might actually be happening!

It;s getting hard to count how many times an *NSYNC reunion has been dangled right in front of our faces, but Joey and Chris seemed to be hinting pretty hard about this one. When asked about former bandmate Lance Bass's comments earlier in the week that there would be a band reunion when they receive their Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and that the band would be releasing their iconic Christmas album on vinyl, the guys laughed. But then Joey had this to say:

"I think there were a lot of things that people were talking about. Everything gets misconstrued in a sense, but we are definitely doing something with the Walk of Fame and the star, but we don't know exactly when that is happening. I know people are saying 2017, but we don't know if it is going to be this year or next year…"

Okay, so there's a reunion happening, but they just don't know when it'll happen. We're okay with that! It might depend on how long it takes to get Justin on board.


Woody Allen's Next Film, Starring Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake, Titled 'Wonder Wheel' - 2/21/17, 2/21/17 --

Although it hasn't been officially announced by U.S. distributor Amazon Studios yet, if history repeats itself, a new Woody Allen film will arrive this summer. It's also the most fitting release window in some time for the director as his next feature takes place in the summer days of the 1950s, specifically in Coney Island.

Although no more plot details beyond the setting have been revealed, the newly announced title should be of no surprise to those familiar with the Brooklyn locale. Titled Wonder Wheel, it takes its name from Deno's amusement park located there, whose circular main attraction opened back in 1920. This title was revealed by Mars Film CEO Stephane Celerier (via Woody Allen Pages), so presumably they'll reunite with Allen to distribute his latest film in France once again.

Starring Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake (who plays a life guard, as we can glean from set photos), as well as Juno Temple, Jim Belushi, Tony Sirico, Jack Gore, Steve Schirripa, and Max Casella, we wouldn't be surprised if Allen returns to Cannes once again for a premiere, so stay tuned. In the meantime, one can see the first look above, featuring Timberlake, Winslet, and Temple, which actually surfaced back during its early fall shoot.


Chris Kirkpatrick to host Clash of the Decades in Maryland - 2/21/17



Justin Timberlake Bows Down to Bill Withers at Songwriters Hall Event - 2/19/17

Billboard, 2/19/17 --

Justin Timberlake literally got on bended knee before legendary singer-songwriter Bill Withers and credited his stone-cold classic "Lovely Day" with inspiring his unbeatable hit "Can't Stop the Feeling." "It's very serendipitous that this man is sitting with us here today," said an effusive Timberlake.

It was one of many unscripted moments at a revealing and rollicking panel discussion and screening of the movie Trolls for which Timberlake was the executive producer of music. Presented by the Songwriters Hall of Fame West Coast Committee for an audience of SHOF and Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences members at the 20th Century Fox Studios in West Los Angeles where it was revealed that Timberlake would perform "Can't Stop the Feeling" at next week's Oscar ceremony.

The dynamic panel also included a rare appearance by superstar producer Max Martin, a nominee for this year's Songwriters Hall of Fame, and his fellow producer Shellback (Karl Johan Schuster) who together with Timberlake created the music for Trolls.

Get you somebody that looks at you like I look at Bill Withers... My IDOL.

A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Following introductory remarks by Songwriters Hall of Fame West Coast committee chair Mary Jo Mennella and Universal Music Publishing Group president and SHOF board member Evan Lamberg who recounted "Can't Stop the Feeling"'s runaways success and welcomed Timberlake to the stage by saying "other than Michael Jackson, I think he's going to go down as the greatest entertainer of our generation."

This, however, was followed not by JT's expected entrance but by the surprise appearance of Withers who unexpectedly took the stage. The soul crooner's sudden walk-out elicited delight and awe from the hundreds who had braved a massive Los Angeles rain storm and gave Withers a standing ovation. This also meant that Timberlake marched out while Lamberg recounted Withers' storied career -- a moment that previewed the loosey-goosey nature of the discussion.

To wit, Withers, the panel's Songwriters Hall of Fame moderator, didn't launch immediately into a discussion of his panel's impressive music bona fides or Trolls but rather spoke about shoes. Timberlake and Withers, it turns out, were previously on a panel together in which the 78-year-old enviously recalled the pop singer's stylish shoes stealing the show. "That bothered me," he said, so for this panel he was more prepared. "I went deep into my closet and this time I broke out my 1956 Stetson Detroit pimp shoes," Withers said proudly. Timberlake, who similarly recalled the meeting, said he decided to wear his modest Adidas Stan Smiths "out of respect."

Read more and check out more photos of Justin Timberlake at the event here.


Justin Timberlake Reveals the Secret to His Oscar Song From 'Trolls' - 2/18/17

TheWrap, 2/18/17 --

The Justin Timberlake song "Can't Stop The Feeling" has already topped the charts in more than a dozen countries and won the Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media, in which he competed against songs by Peter Gabriel, Shakira and Pink, among others. Now it faces its toughest task of all: taking down "La La Land" in the Oscar race for Best Original Song.

That's a tall order. Timberlake explains in a video premiering exclusively at TheWrap that he wasn't originally sure he and co-writers Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster (Shellback) would be able to pull off a pop song that could not only work on its own, but also work when put in the mouths of the animated characters in the film "Trolls."

"This has to work for the moment, these characters, and be filmic," Timberlake says in the video. "It took a second to crack the code. I remember thinking, 'We're not gonna be able to do this.'"

In an interview with TheWrap, Timberlake added, "This wasn't just like writing a song for a movie – it was writing a song for characters that are going to sing it in the movie.

"That part had to work, and that's the part that made it a task that none of us had ever done. And we had to push ourselves to do something that works in that way."

The key, he says in the video: "Once we got the hook going, that's usually how it goes. Once you get the hook you can base everything off that."

"Can't Stop the Feeling" is competing at the Oscars against two songs from "La La Land," "City of Stars" (the favorite) and "Audition (the Fools Who Dream)," as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda's "How Far I'll Go" from "Moana" and Sting and J. Ralph's "The Empty Chair" from the documentary "Jim: The James Foley Story."

Timberlake will also be performing the song on the Oscar show, Sunday, Feb. 26.


Q&A: Justin Timberlake on his Oscar-nominated 'Trolls' hit - 2/17/17, 2/17/17 --

While signs all point to a big night for La La Land at this year's Oscar ceremony on February 26, one person looking to spoil the party for Lionsgate's juggernaut in at least one category is Justin Timberlake.

The actor-musician is vying in the original song category with 'Can't Stop The Feeling' from DreamWorks Animation's Trolls, which he co-wrote the music and lyrics for with Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster.

'Can't Stop The Feeling' reached number one in 17 countries, including the US (Timberlake's first number one in a decade there). At the Oscar ceremony, the song is competing for the original song Oscar against 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream)' and 'City Of Stars' from La La Land, 'How Far You'll Go' from Moana and 'The Empty Chair' from Jim: The James Foley Story.

In addition to being an executive producer on the Trolls soundtrack, Timberlake was a member of the film's voice cast, alongside Anna Kendrick, Russell Brand and Zooey Deschanel.

How did you come to be involved with Trolls?
It was sort of a simultaneous pitch. DreamWorks brought me in and said that there was a character that they wanted to pitch to me for their new animated film. They had this crazy, 20-minute, elaborate pitch. They showed me animation they'd already tested. They already had Anna Kendrick's voice in there. After the pitch was over, they asked me to be responsible for all of the music.

As executive music producer, what were your key marching orders?
Writing original music like 'Can't Stop The Feeling', and to produce arrangements of cover songs, like 'September' and 'True Colors'. The challenge was to make the songs unique, not only to the scene that they're in but to try to put a fresh spin on them and introduce them to a new audience.

Read more here.



Clarifications of an *NSYNC reunion - 2/17/17


Justin Timberlake Is Recording New Music - 2/17/17, 2/17/17 --

Justin Timberlake, 36, is recording new music people! We can't stop saying it; it's happening. The "Cry Me a River" singer announced the news himself, during Variety's screening of Trolls in Los Angeles on Feb. 16. "We literally came from the studio tonight to come to this Q&A," said Justin during the event, which was shared live on Facebook. "And we're going back after this. There's a ton of music that we're making right now and I'm just so excited about it."

The "we" Justin makes mention of includes famed music producer Max Martin, 45, and Karl Johan Schuster, also known as Shellback, 32. The trio co-wrote and produced "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" for Trolls. And now, they're all up for the Best Original Song Academy Award. "I've known Max for years and then to include Shellback in the process…," began Justin before his revelation. To imagine what they might be coming up with is bonkers. Max is known for working with megastars like Adele, Katy Perry, Pink, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift (to name a few). learned of Justin's latest music endeavors EXCLUSIVELY back in Jan. 2017. While having brunch with friends at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, he told friends that he was "in the studio right now!" We can't help but wonder if this has anything to do with the NSYNC reunion Lance Bass, 37, teased on Feb. 16. If it does, the situation would be a 180 degree shift from comments Justin made about his former bandmates on Feb. 8. That being said, we'd put money on this being Justin's follow-up to 2013's The 20/20 Experience.

To win that Oscar, though, "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" has to beat some pretty tough competition: two songs from La La Land, "The Empty Chair" from Jim: The James Foley Story, and "How Far I'll Go" from Hamilton scribe Lin-Manuel Miranda for Disney's Moana. The Oscars ceremony will be held on Sunday, Feb. 26.


Justin Timberlake to perform at Rock in Rio - 2/17/17



Lance Bass Teaches You How To Make The Perfect Truffle Chicken Sandwich - 2/17/17


Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake are now part-owners of a junior golf tour - 2/17/17

Golf Digest, 2/17/17 --

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has grown tremendously in its first decade of existence. And adding two of the biggest names on the planet as backers certainly won't hurt that development.

The HJGT recently announced the Nexus Luxury Collection has purchased a stake in the organization. That news alone might not mean much until you consider that Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake, along with the Tavistock Group, are the lead partners in Nexus.

How about that for star power on the junior golf circuit?

Read more here.


Watch Tonight: Facebook Live Q&A With Justin Timberlake on Making the Oscar-Nominated Original Song From 'Trolls' - 2/16/17

Variety, 2/16/17 --

Variety will host a live chat on Facebook on Thursday with Justin Timberlake, who's up for an Oscar this year for "Can't Stop The Feeling."

Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster, his co-writers and producers for the "Trolls" theme song, will join him.

Timberlake had worked with Martin back in his *NSYNC days. Schuster, also known as Shellback, has collaborated with Martin working with Adele, Maroon 5, and other artists.

The Q&A will be streamed right here as well as on Variety's Facebook page beginning at approximately 9 p.m. PT/12 a.m. ET.



New 'My Kitchen Rules' episode with Lance Bass tonight - 2/16/17


How Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams Inspired Little Big Town's 'The Breaker' - 2/16/17

Taste of Country, 2/16/17 --

Little Big Town went into the studio to record their seventh country album The Breaker with newfound freedom thanks to a 2016 collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake on a unique project titled Wanderlust.

The eight-track release showed a sultry new side to the country quartet with beat-driven tracks and striking vocals. It was during this new adventure that Little Big Town ran into Timberlake, and the band recently told Taste of Country that the chance meeting wasn't planned.

"We were in the studio working with Pharrell in Los Angeles," Phillip Sweet recalls of their Timberlake studio encounter. "We went through the little kitchen and there sits Justin having his coffee."

NBD... Just writing with @littlebigtown This band is the truth!! So good!!!!

A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

While Little Big Town had previously met Timberlake, Karen Fairchild jokes that they reintroduced themselves as Chris Stapleton's friends. The band and Timberlake began talking about their project and invited him to listen to the new music.

"He came and listened, and he loved it," Kimberly Schlapman recalls with a big smile. "That just sparked a lot of inspiration and, all of a sudden, right there on the spot, we had an idea man who had some ideas he wanted to get out there, and we welcomed them. We had so much fun! He just oozes creativity. We all know that about him. but to see him in the moment work like that was so much fun and infectious and just like a drug."

Jimi Westbrook says it was always a fun time in the studio with Timberlake and Williams because no matter what happens, they're always dancing. The fast friends soon found themselves playing "The Boat" for Timberlake, and the quartet began laying down vocals as he directed them.

Read more here.


Dreamworks and Justin Timberlake's Trolls set to conquer the Official Video Chart this week - 2/16/17, 2/16/17 --

Dreamworks' Trolls starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake is predictably close to claiming the title of this week's best-selling DVD and Blu-ray.

The smash-hit children's animated adventure - which also features the voices of Gwen Stefani and James Corden - has shifted 123,000 units in its first four days on sale, outselling its nearest rival by over two copies to one.

Last week's Number 1 Bridget Jones' Baby, a two-week top spot-reigning release, falls one place to two, while Emily Blunt's BAFTA nominated The Girl on the Train falls one spot to Number 3.

Read more here.



*NSYNC Will Reunite at Walk of Fame Ceremony This Year -- Plus, They're Re-Releasing Music on Vinyl - 2/16/17

Entertainment Tonight, 2/16/17 --

Send your thanks to the boy band gods -- we're getting lots of *NSYNC action this year!

ET's Katie Krause caught up with Lance Bass at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he opened up about the band's big 20-year anniversary, and revealed a special music release for fans.

"We're doing something [special].I don't know if I can announce it yet," Bass teased, before spilling on *NSYNC's big projects.

"We're coming out with a really cool vinyl edition of our Christmas album because it's coming up on the 20 years of that [1998 Home For Christmas] album," he shared. "And then we're going to be getting our star on the [Hollywood] Walk of Fame this year at some point."

"We'll all be there!" confirmed Bass, who is currently competing on Fox's My Kitchen Rules. "We just have to decide on a date. We're terrible at planning things."

"We're five guys, so for us to make a decision about anything is really hard, so we just need to do it. So hopefully maybe around Christmas time," he said. "It'll be fun to see everybody again."

Read more and watch the interview with Lance Bass here.


Justin Timberlake Reveals Why 'CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!' Oscar Nom Is Personal - 2/16/17, 2/16/17 --

Justin Timberlake earned his first-ever Oscar nomination for his musical contribution "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" from DreamWorks Animation's Trolls.

JT will be competing in the Best Original Song category against Justin Hurwitz's "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" and "City of Stars" from La La Land, J. Ralph and Sting's "The Empty Chair" from Jim: The James Foley Story, and Lin-Manuel Miranda's "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana. He is also expected to perform the song at the awards ceremony.

"I'm as shocked as everyone else. It's a real treat!" JT told On Air with Ryan Seacrest about his Oscar nom on Thursday. He later explained why his son Silas made the nomination very personal: "I wrote the song a year and a half ago and we just had our son...So it was a little bit of serendipity to be offered this movie and this part and doing all the music."

On top of "CANT' STOP THE FEELING!," JT served double duty as music executive producer and the voiceover role of the film's killjoy character Branch. On curating the soundtrack, he said: "Somehow they just trusted me with all the music, which I kept telling them they were crazy to do that, but it came together."

The Oscars will air February 26 at 5:30 p.m. PT from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.


Lance Bass Responds to Justin Timberlake's Reasons for Leaving *NSYNC: 'We Cared About the Music' - 2/16/17

Entertainment Tonight, 2/16/17 --

Lance Bass is setting the record straight.

ET's Katie Krause caught up with the *NSYNC group member on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, California, where he candidly talked about his friendship with Justin Timberlake.

Last week, Timberlake revealed the real reason why he decided to leave *NSYNC, after seven years with the group. The 36-year-old singer claimed that despite having immense success, he was ready to embark on new projects, which solely catered to the music and not to sold-out stadiums.

"We were on a stadium tour, and I just felt like the whole thing was too big," Timberlake said to The Hollywood Reporter. "It started as a fun snowball fight that was becoming an avalanche. And, also, I was growing out of it."

"I felt like I cared more about the music than some of the other people in the group," he added. "And I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart."

Bass says he completely understands Timberlake's reasons for leaving the group, but adds that everyone in the group was invested in creating good music.

"I mean, I don't think it's true," he said when asked about Timberlake's comments. "Obviously, we cared about the music, but I understand where he's coming from for sure."

Read more and watch the interview with Lance Bass here.



Justin Timberlake checks out $18M Greenwich Village penthouse - 2/16/17

New York Post, 2/16/17 --

Grammy Award-winning pop star Justin Timberlake can't stop the feeling — and his earnings — thanks to the upbeat, chart-topping "Trolls" movie song that appeals to all listeners. And now he's bringing that energy to a hunt for luxury real estate.

Timberlake was recently spotted touring a triplex penthouse at 12 E. 13th St. that is nearly half off its original asking price. The 5,704-square-foot Greenwich Village pad, which was on the market for $30.5 million in 2013 under a different brokerage, is still on the market — for $18.5 million.

Timberlake needs more space for his growing family of actress wife Jessica Biel and nearly 2-year-old son Silas Randall. He currently owns a penthouse at 311 W. Broadway, known as Soho Mews.

The home Timberlake checked out in the Village, which boasts direct elevator access, is a four-bedroom, 4½-bathroom unit designed in part by CetraRuddy. Its distinguishing feature is a three-story wall of glass, which lets in light from the north. There are also two private terraces, totaling 906 square feet, and two parking spaces.

The apartment is anchored by dramatic stairs that connect all three levels, along with a private internal elevator. A fireplace anchors the living room; on the other side is a formal dining room. There's also a chef's eat-in kitchen, a master suite with a spa-like bathroom and a media room/study with a guest bedroom suite on the third floor.

The listing brokers are Compass's Leonard Steinberg, Hervé Senequier, Amy Mendizabal and Calli Sarkesh.

Check out photos of the penthouse here.


Justin Timberlake on 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' on Thursday - 2/15/17


Nick Lachey & Joey Fatone Top Contenders To Replace Nick Cannon On 'AGT'? - 2/15/17, 2/15/17 --

Whoever replaces Nick Cannon as the host of 'America's Got Talent' will have HUGE shoes to fill! We've EXCLUSIVELY learned that Nick Lachey and Joey Fatone are the top contenders producers are considering right now, but only one will make the cut.

This feels like the end of an era! Nick Cannon, 36, will no longer serve as host on America's Got Talent, so now the producers have to find a replacement. "There are a ton of being being considered for the new host of AGT," a source connected to the show tells EXCLUSIVELY. "NBC is seeing if Nick will come back, but Joey Fatone and Nick Lachey are options. They are also considering a complete no name to join the show. An idea that's generating the most steam is having a female replacement come in and really mix it up!"

Read more here.



Justin Timberlake Wants Us All to Dance, Dance, Dance on Oscar Night - 2/15/17

Vanity Fair, 2/15/17 --

After a long dry spell, there will finally be a disco song performed at the Oscars this year. For that, we can thank Justin Timberlake.

"I personally feel disco is a very underappreciated genre," Timberlake said, during an interview before the Oscar nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills earlier this month. The singer, songwriter, and actor is nominated for his disco-inspired song "Can't Stop The Feeling," from the Dreamworks Animation film Trolls, which he wrote with Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster.

Timberlake said the inspiration for the danceable and ubiquitous tune, which also won a Grammy Award on Sunday, hit him while he was driving to the studio one day.

"I normally go into the studio with nothing on my mind, and just try to stay out of the way," said Timberlake, who also produced the Trolls soundtrack and voices a disgruntled troll survivalist named Branch in the film. "But on this movie, it was like no other process I've ever had. You had all this pretense: This is the song we have at the end of the movie, and it unites everyone. It brings the message of the film forward. Here's the list of ideas we're trying to accomplish, what we want to say to young people that their parents can feel really good about them sharing."

Naturally, Timberlake thought of ABBA. Well, first he thought of the other pop songs he was covering on the soundtrack, including the Simon & Garfunkel tune "The Sound of Silence," the Cyndi Lauper single "True Colors," and the Lionel Richie ballad "Hello."

"We aspired for our song to be up to par with all the songs I was covering in the movie," Timberlake said. "I realized the only genre we hadn't really covered in the movie was disco. ABBA's songs are the best songs of all time. What if we did a modern disco funk record?"

The song became the best-selling single in the U.S. in 2016 and earned Timberlake his first Oscar nomination, which he found out about from his wife, Jessica Biel, after working in the studio on a new album until 3 A.M. the night before the nominations were announced.

"I was in a creative tornado that day," Timberlake said. "I was thinking about the song I had written and what I was gonna do when I got back. My wife let me sleep in but she woke me up and gave me the news. She's like, 'It happened.' I'm like, 'What happened? What'd I ruin?' She said, 'You got an Oscar nomination.' That day was surreal, but by 3 P.M. I was back in the studio working."

Read more here.


Songwriters Hall Of Fame Presents Q&A With Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, Moderated By Bill Withers - 2/15/17, 2/15/17 --

The SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME WEST COAST COMMITTEE is presenting a private industry Q&A for SHOF and AMPAS members with OSCAR-nominated and GRAMMY-winning artist/songwriter, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEe, this FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17th, as well as a 3D screening of DREAMWORKS' animated film, "Trolls," at the FOX ZANUCK THEATRE at 20TH CENTURY FOX STUDIOS in LOS ANGELES. TIMBERLAKE will be joined by his fellow OSCAR-nominated co-writer/producers MAX MARTIN and SHELLBACK.

The discussion will be moderated by legendary songwriter and SHOF inductee, BILL WITHERS, offering an "intimate, behind-the-scenes" look at how the film's music and global hit songs including, "Can't Stop The Feeling!" were imagined and crafted. Besides recording "Can't Stop The Feeling!" for the soundtrack and serving as the film's Executive Music Producer, TIMBERLAKE voiced the character "Branch." The song just won the GRAMMY last weekend for Best Song Written For Visual Media.

Commented SHOF President/CEO LINDA MORAN: "The SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME is honored to present this event and to give our guests a close-up encounter with the multi-talented JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. What an incredible opportunity and great privilege to be in the presence of JUSTIN, the wizard BILL WITHERS, MAX MARTIN and SHELLBACK -- all prolific songwriters with the midas touch! Listen and learn!"

Added SHOF WEST COAST Events Chair MARY JO MENNELLA: "The WEST COAST SHOF team is absolutely thrilled to bring together several of the world's finest songwriters to present the film 'Trolls' and showcase the extraordinary talents of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. The collaboration between HOLLYWOOD and the songwriting community continues to flourish and we're delighted to have BILL WITHERS share his unique perspective with us."


Lance Bass talks romance on Logo TV - 2/15/17



Happiness, Hugs and Music: A Conversation with Justin Timberlake for the Home Entertainment Release of TROLLS - 2/15/17, 2/15/17 --

From DreamWorks Animation, TROLLS is a funny and irreverent musical adventure, starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. Kendrick is the voice of Poppy, the feisty and fearless leader of the Trolls, who are naturally cheerful and optimistic. They love to sing and dance, and they have rainbow-coloured hair. Timberlake voices Branch, a gray and fearful troll. He is convinced that the Trolls' mortal enemies, the Bergens, will track them down in their forest Utopia and capture them. The Bergens are miserable monsters and they are only happy when they eat Trolls.

Justin Timberlake sat down for the following interview at DreamWorks Animation studios in Southern California to discuss TROLLS…

How did you get involved with the film?

I was offered the job of voicing the character and being executive music producer at the same time. It almost felt like an embarrassment of riches for me. I thought, 'Let me think about it, yes, I'll do that.' There was no other answer.

Can you explain the world of the Trolls and your character Branch?

Branch, along with the rest of the Trolls, lives in a wondrous world filled with music and adventure. It is all very happy-go-lucky with singing and dancing. It is over-joyous. Branch is the outcast among the Trolls. He doesn't sing, he doesn't dance and he is constantly cautious. While Poppy is pink and vivid, Branch looks gray and dismal.

It's ironic that Branch is nothing like you, isn't it? He doesn't sing or dance.

Yes, it was fun to play this sarcastic, pessimistic guy, because I don't get to do that a lot (laughs). I think it was also fun for Anna (Kendrick), who is known for her dry, sardonic wit because Poppy is so over-joyful. But Anna got to bring a certain type of wit and sass to Poppy, which gave her more depth.

What has made Branch so fearful and negative?

He is worried about the Trolls' enemies, the Bergens, the villains of this movie, who like to eat Trolls because they are only happy when they have a Troll in their stomach. And nobody likes to get eaten! Every year, the Bergens celebrate what's called Trollstice, where they gather all the trolls they've caught, and have a ceremonial all-you-can-eat buffet, and they proceed to eat the trolls. At the beginning of the movie, we go back to when our heroes were captured and King Peppy, Poppy's father, led an escape. The Trolls got away and started their own new civilisation. That is really where our movie starts. Because of his fear that the Bergens will return, Branch has such a sense of foreboding and is trying to keep the Trolls quiet. Branch warns Poppy that if the Trolls continue to keep singing and dancing and making as much noise as they do, they're going to attract the Bergens, who will discover where they are and they will get caught again. So he is very scared. Then a group of Trolls, Poppy's friends, are kidnapped.

Read more here.


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