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Here's what's going on in the *NSYNC group text - 7/23/17

Page Six, 7/22/17 --

That *NSYNC group chat you heard about is true, this I promise you.

After Chris Kirkpatrick revealed this week that all the former boy band members have a group text, Joey Fatone dished to Page Six about what's going on inside the chat.

"The last one was me saying, 'Happy Fourth, guys,'" the singer-turned-hot-dog-connoisseur told us.

Unfortunately, the other four members Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass and Kirkpatrick didn't respond to his message.

"Son of a bitches," Fatone joked, adding that their group chat is pretty much like a bulletin board. "Things get thrown up there and then whether we look at it or not, we know what's going on."

He said Kirkpatrick revealed the sex of his unborn baby to the guys through the chat earlier this year.

Fatone also described one instance when, because of the group text, all five of them were all able to wish an *NSYNC fan with Down Syndrome a happy birthday.

"I think somebody asked Chris if he minded saying 'happy birthday' to a friend," he said, "It just happened to be perfect timing because he's like 'Maybe Joey will say happy birthday to her.' Then he went, 'Maybe JC will do it, maybe Justin will do it.'"

Fatone, 40, continued, "It was cute because he showed us a video of her looking at all of us saying 'happy birthday' one by one. They were all individual, but it was every guy. So she got all five of us saying 'happy birthday,' which is a rarity. That doesn't come very often."

The five band members reunited last August for Chasez's 40th birthday. They also performed together at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.


Review: Larger Than Life delights at Mulcahy's, *NSYNC's Joey Fatone hosts - 7/23/17

Digital Journal, 7/22/17 --

On July 21, it was a special 90's night at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall, with boy band Larger Than Life, and guest host Joey Fatone from *NSYNC.

When he took the stage, Fatone's appearance was met with a raucous response. "Hello. Welcome to Mulcahy's! How's everybody doing tonight. Welcome to 90's night," Fatone said. "I feel fucking old. How many people are born in the 90's? 70's? Cause I'm 1977."

Joey Fatone continued, "Thank you guys for coming out tonight. I'm excited to be here on Long Island, of course. Long Island is like my second home. We have a great show for you guys."

"These guys are absolutely amazing," Fatone said, about Larger Than Life. "How many people remember the 90's music?" the veteran boy band member inquired.

Larger Than Life took the stage and sang their rocking boy band cover tunes from such artists as Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Temptations, 98 Degrees ("Because of You"), BBMak ("Back Here"), but the highlight surprise of the night was when Fatone got up on stage with Larger Than Life and sang a nostalgic version of "Bye Bye Bye," with them, and the crowd went nuts. At that moment, the audience was reliving their childhood, and it was a dream for the boy band cover group to sing with their musical influence, Joey Fatone. They exchanged hugs with Fatone, who in return praised them for their talent. "How great are these guys huh?" Fatone said.

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Joey Fatone wants to take his hot dog business on the road - 7/21/17

Page Six, 7/21/17 --

Move over, Nathan's: Joey Fatone is looking to expand his hot dog business.

The former *NSYNC band member, who already owns a hot dog stand called Fat One's in Orlando, told Page Six on Thursday he's ready to open two or three more locations in Florida and hopes to expand elsewhere.

"I'd love to branch out into [New York City] and also Brooklyn or Bensonhurst, the neighborhood where I was born," he told us. "There are endless places, but it's a matter of finding a good place that would fit the Fat One's brand."

Fatone, 40, also told us he's in talks with production companies for a TV series, and that Fat One's could be hitting the road in a food truck.

"I want to travel across country to spread the word about Fat One's, but also get an insight on areas and locations to possibly open [stores]," he said.

Fans can also expect to see the singer on another foodie reality show. Fatone revealed to us that he shot scenes for an episode of "Wahlburgers" with Donnie Wahlberg.

He said there have been talks of cross-promotions between the two companies, but nothing set in stone.

However, fans who can't make it to Florida for one of Fatone's hot dogs have the option of buying them online via HSN.

"There were so many people asking us, 'Hey, open up a store here, open up a store there,'" he told us, "So in the meantime, since we don't have a store in their city or their state, we're actually going to have them be able to order [them]."

He added, "I've been very excited about it and just trying to get the word out there."


ESPN To Present Highlights From Third Annual Sports Humanitarian Awards July 25 - 7/21/17

ESPN MediaZone, 7/21/17 --

ESPN will showcase highlights from the Sports Humanitarian Awards presented by ESPN and sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb Tuesday, July 25, during a special one-hour program at 7 p.m. ET. The third annual event, held last week at the L.A. LIVE's The Novo, celebrated and honored leagues, teams, individuals and members of the sporting community that have used the power of sport to make a positive impact on society.

The evening opened with a video tribute to Muhammad Ali, written by ESPN's Tom Rinaldi and voiced by Laila Ali. The top award for an athlete was renamed this year after Ali, as the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. Laila Ali returned for the third time as host alongside first-time co-host Mike Greenberg, and the event closed with a live performance by Grammy Award winner Patti LaBelle. Laila Ali captured her father's legacy of humanitarianism when she quoted him in her opening remarks: "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

More than $1.1 million was raised through the Sports Humanitarian Awards, which will benefit the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund at The V Foundation. Said Teresa Bitetti, senior vice president, US Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, "We've made significant progress for cancer patients by advancing treatments and supportive resources, but the unfortunate reality is that not everyone receives the same level of care. The Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund aims to close disparities in care by taking where you live and how much you make out of the care equation."

Additionally, ESPN will grant an additional $1 million to the charities of the nominees and winners. In total, more than $2 million will be distributed to the community as a result of the initiative. The winners and honorees were able to direct a $100,000 grant from ESPN to a qualified charity related to the award-winning humanitarian efforts. Each finalist will be able to direct a $25,000 grant to the charity related to their award-winning efforts.

During the event, winners were honored from four award categories the newly renamed Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award, Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year, Corporate Community Impact Award and League Humanitarian Leadership Award. Additionally, three Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award honorees also were recognized.

Presenters included Laila Ali, George Takei, Lance Bass, Angie Harmon, Tony Hawk, Ronda Rousey, Katie Couric, Omari Hardwick and Ibtihaj Muhammad.

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UPDATE: *NSYNC members remember Chester Bennington - 7/21/17



JC Chasez in the United Kingdom - 7/20/17

Family vacay in Ireland and U.K.

A post shared by JC Chasez (@jcchasezofficial) on


Fat One Foods available from HSN - 7/20/17


Chris Kirkpatrick: All the *NSYNC Guys Are in a Group Text - 7/19/17

Us Weekly, 7/19/17 --

Totally tearing' up our hearts. *NSYNC may have disbanded in 2002, but the former boy banders still make an effort to catch up.

"There's an *NSYNC group text," Chris Kirkpatrick exclusively told Us Weekly following an episode of ABC's Boy Band in L.A. on July 13. "There's probably a text with every combination. There is one with all five of us and then there is one with every combination for things like when we had JC [Chasez]'s surprise birthday there was the four of us without JC. When we had Joey's birthday, it was four of us without Joey. There could be one about me. I don't know. They might talk smack about me like, 'Oh my God. Did you see Chris yesterday? What an idiot.'"

So, what do the guys chat about? Apparently, it's all jokes and emojis. "It's a lot of making fun of each other about little things that we'll see. It's a lot about people that we've run into, that the band has run into saying, 'Look who I just saw' or memories that we have like, 'Hey I was just thinking about this,'" Kirkpatrick, 45, revealed. "Or just a general, 'Hey we haven't talked in a couple days, what's going on? What are you guys doing? Who is in town?'" he added. "Lance [Bass] is pretty good at the weird emojis."

Kirkpatrick along with Chasez, 40, Bass, 38, Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone formed the group in 1995. Although they've gone their separate ways, they performed together for Timberlake's Video Vanguard Award medley at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2013. Last August, they reunited for Chasez's birthday at L.A.'s Nice Guy.

The stars have all supported each other through the years from onstage to parenthood. Kirkpatrick, who is expecting his first child with wife Karly, recently received some baby gifts from Bass.

"I just got two giant deliveries from Lance. He got us a high chair and a carrier or something," he told Us. "I'm clueless about this part of the process. My wife knows exactly everything. Lance has sent us some stuff and I know the rest of the guys are gearing up to send us stuff."

Timberlake, 36, recently gave Kirkpatrick parenting advice, too. "Justin told me a million times, 'Your life is going to change,'" he recalled. "[He warned] that, 'Now whenever you are changing a diaper and things like that, there is a weapon that is out there and it's going to go. Wrap things in plastic, be ready for anything.'"

He added: "He's loving it because he's telling me all this crazy stuff and he's like, 'Just trust me on this one.'"

The "Mirrors" singer and Jessica Biel are parents of son Silas, 2. When asked if he thinks that means that Timberlake has been peed on while changing diapers, Kirkpatrick joked: "I can't say for sure but I can say probably. I can say it's a great possibility."



Joey Fatone to appear on 'Wahlburgers' - 7/19/17

Broadcasting & Cable, 7/19/17 --

The new season of Wahlburgers, about the famous Wahlberg brothers and their burger chain restaurant, starts up Aug. 9 on A&E. Brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg star in the series, as does their mother, Alma. The show marks its 75th episode this season.

The season starts off with Mark, Donnie and Paul doing a deal to open 300 locations across the globe. Highlights include a visit from former *NSYNC member Joey Fatone, who seeks out Donnie for restaurant advice; Mark teaming up with Hasbro to create a "Paul Wahl" action figure; and Donnie tapping tour mates Boyz II Men to taste test Jenny McCarthy's new vodka line. Penn & Teller liven up Mark's Las Vegas Wahlburgers VIP party.

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Justin Timberlake Meets a Boy Adorably Dressed as BatKid - 7/19/17

Just Jared, 7/18/17 --

These photos of Justin Timberlake and a boy dressed up as BatKid might be the cutest thing you'll see all day!

The 36-year-old entertainer has been playing in the American Century Championship golf tournament for the past few days and the chance encounter took place on Tuesday (July 18) in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Justin picked up the cute kid and gave him a big hug.

This encounter comes just a couple days after Justin picked up a baby in the style of The Lion King. He also helped comfort a woman hit by a golf ball over the weekend.

Check out the photos here.


Joey Fatone supporting Ruby - 7/18/17



Justin Timberlake Gives a Baby the 'Lion King' Treatment - 7/18/17

Just Jared, 7/17/17 --

One baby is going to have an awesome moment to look back in the years to come all thanks to Justin Timberlake!

While playing in another round of the American Century Championship golf event on Sunday (July 16) in Lake Tahoe, a fan asked several celebs to hold up his baby.

After Stephen Curry and Tony Romo both passed, JT accepted the request and posed for a photo with the baby. He then held the kid up in the air while chanting Rafiki's verse from "The Circle of Life" in The Lion King!

Watch the video below from TMZ.


Joey Fatone at DJ Irie's Star-Studded Weekend - 7/17/17

Miami's Community Newspapers, 7/17/17 --

Miami's favorite DJ, DJ IRIE just wrapped up his star-studded IRIE Weekend, now in its 13th year. The action-packed four-day series of charity events ran from June 29th July 2nd with all proceeds going to the IRIE Foundation which works to empower South Florida's youth. From Guy Fieri to Kevin Hart, this year's IRIE Weekend was the biggest to date.

Events included a golf clinic for the kids of Irie Foundation, the Under Armour celebrity golf tournament, The One Beat Gala with a surprise performance by Nelly, Aquafina's pool party and a birthday brunch for funny man, Kevin Hart.

Aside from the aforementioned celebrities, other stars in attendance throughout the weekend included: Anthony Mackie, Chanel Iman, Joey Fatone, T.I., Future, Christina Milian, Shawn Marion, Daymond John, Gary Sheffield, Alonzo Mourning, OT Genasis, Sterling Shepard, Hassan Whiteside, Rashad McCants and Shemar Moor.

All proceeds from the weekend's events will support the "IRIE Rhythms Academy" a brand new community complex for South Florida's at-risk children where they can receive free music lessons and training.

The IRIE Foundation seeks to empower South Florida's at-risk youth to lead productive lives through mentorship programs, cultural experiences and scholarship opportunities. By following the young people it serves from middle school through high school, the Foundation's ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage its students to graduate high school, pursue higher education and develop into successful adults.


Reminder: Chris Kirkpatrick & Joey Fatone on 'Celebrity Family Feud' tonight - 7/16/17



Justin Timberlake, Tony Romo and Stephen Curry Goof Off at Golf Tournament - 7/16/17

Entertainment Tonight, 7/15/17 --

Justin Timberlake is "having a ball" with his new friends.

The 36-year-old singer took to Instagram on Saturday to share a sweet pic with pals Tony Romo and Steph Curry from a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California.

"Not my best round (maybe my worst?) but having a ball with these guys!! @acchampionship @stephencurry30 @tony.romo," Timberlake captioned a shot of the trio making faces at the camera.

Not my best round(maybe my worst?) but having a ball with these guys!! @acchampionship @stephencurry30 @tony.romo

A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Timberlake, Romo and Curry showed off their golf skills at the American Century Championship, and judging by the pics, Timberlake had no problem keeping up with his athlete counterparts!

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'Dead 7' being released in Japan - 7/16/17


Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Is the Reason *NSYNC Won't Reunite - 7/15/17

In Touch, 7/15/17 --

Stop tearing up our hearts, Lance Bass!

The former boy band member has some bad news for all die-hard *NSYNC fans. According to the 38-year-old, the group is never ever getting back together. Lance recently sat down with In Touch to chat about his current life and also why the '90s group will have to live only in our memories.

While other groups like the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block have reunited, Lance explained that Justin Timberlake is the reason their group never will. "There's just no way *NSYNC is ever getting back together," he exclusively told In Touch. "Having such talent in the group was a blessing and a curse!"

A curse? We love you Lance, but calling Justin a curse is a little hard to believe. At least the fact that the guys don't want to reunite isn't because of their lack of closeness. It seems like they're all still friends with each other and even family in a way.

"Joey [Fatone]'s daughter is my goddaughter, so we're hooked for life," he continued. "We're like 13-year-olds. We're in a big text group. We talk daily and give each other s--t, which is always really fun."

While we'd love to have access to that group chat, the fact that the guys have kept in contact after all these years really means the chemistry they had together was real. It wasn't just manufactured pop magic. And because of that, no matter what Lance says, we're holding out hope that one day they will get back together again!

Because honestly *NSYNC, we want you back.



Director Isaac Rentz talks 'Opening Night' and JC Chasez - 7/15/17

Following Films, 7/14/17 --

Isaac Rentz's body of work includes music videos for groups such as Cage The Elephant, Paramore, Tegan and Sara, Eminem and Linkin Park, as well as promotional campaigns for Red Stripe, Xbox, and Nintendo. In 2011, Rentz directed a promotional music video for the feature film Take Me Home Tonight. The video featured actors Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Demetri Martin reenacting iconic scenes from classic 80s films. He recently directed the acclaimed feature film OPENING NIGHT, an independent musical comedy starring Topher Grace, Taye Diggs, Anne Heche, Rob Riggle, Alona Tal, and Lauren Lapkus. It debuted at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival. The film is a film about a failed Broadway singer (Grace) who now works as a production manager and must save opening night on his new production by wrangling his eccentric cast and crew.

JC Chasez seems to have a self-deprecating sense of humor that was necessary for the role. Was it written for him or did you just need to find a former pop star who was willing and capable?

That part was hard to cast because the actor needed to be a person who could play themselves, was willing to joke about their career, and was able to sing and dance. There are maybe 10 people in Hollywood who fit that description. JC was perfect because he was so willing to put himself out there. In the movie he plays a creepy version of himself, but in real life he's a very thoughtful, down-to-earth guy. It was so surreal to direct musical sequences starring someone I used to watch on TRL when I was a kid.

Read more here.


Yet another famous boy band singer pops up in odd NC spot a bowling alley - 7/14/17

The Charlotte Observer, 7/14/17 --

Just days after New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg left a $2,000 tip at a Charlotte Waffle House comes news that *NSYNC's Lance Bass showed up at a Boone bowling alley.

10 High Country Lanes posted a photo of Bass with a staff member on its Facebook page July 6.

"What a night!" said a post with the photo. "Lance from *NSYNC joined us at 10 High Country Lanes!...We hated to say (good)bye bye bye!"

Bass, a Mississippi native, said on Facebook that he was in the Boone area for an art show by his husband, Michael Turchin, which opened July 7 at Appalachian State. However, a series of other Facebook posts suggested Bass and Turchin did a lot of vacationing in western North Carolina, including trips to Biltmore in Asheville and Grandfather Mountain.

The Mountain Times reported the bowling alley photo started a frenzy among fans, who took to social media looking for Bass sightings in the area. Some even posted dinner invitations on his Facebook page, with one woman asking him to come eat at her BBQ restaurant.

Bass posted a video interview with Turchin on Facebook, talking about the exhibit.

"Can you tell my Southern accent has really come back here," Bass said during the interview. "We've been in North Carolina a week and my accent is back, full fledged."

He added: "This town is amazing. Boone is awesome."

The art show will be up through September, Bass says.


The best-dressed athletes and celebrities at the 2017 ESPYs - 7/14/17

Business Insider, 7/13/17 --

On Wednesday night, the Staples Center hosted the 25th annual ESPY Awards, celebrating the world of sports.

Athletes and actors alike were dressed to the nines, for the red carpet. While some opted for tuxes, others threw caution to the wind and brought their boldest evening looks out of the closet.

As the night went on to honor the best teams, plays, and athletes of the sporting world, here we honor their outfits.

Below you can find some of our favorite looks from the ESPYs red carpet.

Actor Michael Turchin and singer Lance Bass looked fabulous in their standout tuxes.

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Chris Kirkpatrick on ABC's 'Boy Band' tonight - 7/13/17


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