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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are One of Hollywood's Most Real Couples - 10/19/17

E! Online, 10/19/17 --

It's a very special day for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel...

Today marks the couple's five-year wedding anniversary, which—believe it or not—puts them in a small percentage of Hollywood couples who've made it that far!

But other than defeating the Hollywood couple curse and giving us some serious #RelationshipGoals with their beauty and overall love for each other, there's one thing that makes this A-list couple stand out: They're incredibly real.

From cheesy family photos to dancing in public like no one's watching to wearing matching t-shirts, this duo is actually a lot like all of us.

Their love goes beyond the spotlight of their red carpet moments and gushing about each other in magazine interviews. They also get to enjoy the fun, little moments of just being a normal couple that do totally normal things.

And if you don't believe us, the proof is in the pudding!


*NSYNC's Joey Fatone was envious of JC Chasez's 'sample size' style - 10/19/17

Page Six, 10/19/17 --

Joey Fatone stopped by Page Six to share his *NSYNC memories, including his biggest fashion fails. According to the 40-year-old crooner, the best-dressed member of the boy band was JC Chasez. "He was able to fit in all the sample sizes of new stuff that comes out," joked Fatone. "Who has a size 23 waist?" Since the group disbanded, Fatone has stayed close with Lance Bass, and revealed to Page Six that the guys still text each on holidays and big life moments, nearly 20 years after their debut album hit the US.

Watch the video of Joey Fatone here.



Rihanna Rules as No. 1 Artist In Pop Songs Chart's 25-Year History - 10/19/17

Billboard, 10/19/17 --

After piling up record after record (musically and achievement-wise) on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart, Rihanna reigns as the No. 1 artist over the first 25 years of the survey, which began with the list dated Oct. 3, 1992.

Rihanna roared onto the ranking, which reflects the most-played songs each week on pop radio, according to Nielsen Music, in 2005 with her debut hit "Pon De Replay," her first of an unprecedented 30 top 10s. In 2006, she earned her first Pop Songs No. 1, "SOS," of 11, a record she shares with Katy Perry, the chart's No. 4 top artist.

Notably, Rihanna has reached historic heights despite having arrived on the chart more than halfway through its existence.

Rounding out the top five Pop Songs artists since the chart's inception 25 years ago, below Rihanna, P!nk places at No. 2; Maroon 5 ranks at No. 3, and reigns as the top group; Perry is No. 4; and Justin Timberlake claims the No. 5 spot, while ranking as the top solo male.

Read more here.


Joey Fatone featured in 'Eat Like a Rock Star' book - 10/18/17

You can order "Eat Like a Rock Star" at Amazon.


Happy Birthday to Chris Kirkpatrick! - 10/17/17



'Trolls' holiday special arrives Friday, Nov. 24 - 10/17/17, 10/17/17 --

"DreamWorks Trolls Holiday," a half-hour animated musical special that features the A-list talent involved in the highly successful film franchise that launched last November, is set to premiere Friday, Nov. 24 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC and will also be available on Netflix beginning Dec. 6.

"DreamWorks Trolls Holiday" marks the return of Anna Kendrick as the voice of Poppy, Justin Timberlake as Branch and Zooey Deschanel as Bridget. The toe-tapping musical special centers on the eternally optimistic Poppy, queen of the Trolls, who learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar. She enlists the help of Branch and the Snack Pack on a mission to fix something that the Bergens don't think is broken.

Alongside the holiday special, DreamWorks/RCA Records will release the soundtrack, titled "Trolls Holiday," globally on Oct. 27. The seven-track album will feature musical performances from Poppy, Branch and the rest of the cast that appear in the television special.


Joey Fatone Reveals the Last Time He Was 'Super' Starstruck - 10/17/17


'Trolls' nominated for American Music Award - 10/17/17



Lance Bass at New York Wine & Food Festival - 10/16/17

The New York Post, 10/15/17 --

Three Michelin starred Antoine Westermann, Chef and owner of Le Coq Rico, and his executive chef Guillaume Ginther, took the top $10,000 prize as Iron Chefs' Choice winner at the New York Wine Food Festival's Rooftop Iron Chef Showdown hosted by Alton Brown.

He won with his "Leeks Vinaigrette" dish with hollandaise sauce and Russett Pomme Allumette, one of his signature dishes.

The contest was judged by Geoffrey Zakarian, Mac Forgione, Jose Garces, Alex Guarnaschelli, Masaharu Morimoto, Michael Simon, Stephanie Izard and Alex Guarnaschelli.

At Blue Boon Burger Bash, hosted by Rachael Ray, the people's choice winner was Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer for "The Greg Norman" with wagyu beef, house buttermilk-dill, blue cheese and arugula on a potato roll.

The judge's winner was Le Rivage for his "French Onion Soup Burger," a Pat laFrieda Denim Blue Blended burger topped with gruyere, béchamel, confit onions on an english muffin.

Judges included David Diehl, Elvis Duran, Jaime Sire and Lance Bass, while Grammy Award-winning Naughty By Nature played for the crowd.

Check out photos of Lance Bass at the New York Wine & Food Festival at Zimbio.


Justin Timberlake Wows in Woody Allen Movie, Says Super Bowl Deal Is Not Done, No Announcement - 10/15/17

Showbiz 411, 10/15/17 --

Justin Timberlake acquits himself as an actor in Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel," a gorgeous looking drama that offers Kate Winslet in an Oscar buzzy performance, and Jim Belushi as a breakout possible Supporting Actor nominee.

"Wonder Wheel" doesn't open until December 1st, but it won raves last night at the closing of the New York Film Festival. Allen and Winslet waved to the audience at Alice Tully Hall from a box high above, but declined to accept kudos at Tavern on the Green, where they were absent. But Timberlake and Belushi were happy to make the scene, as well as Tony Sirico and Steve Schirrippa, the two former Sopranos who make a cameo in the film.

Justin was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Jessica Biel, who just wrapped her USA TV series. They are happy as clams, and Jessica raved about their two and a half year old son, Silas.

But when I asked Justin what to expect at his Super Bowl performance come February, I was surprised by the answer. "There's no announcement," he said. (Funny– so much time had passed I thought this was all done. Last year the NFL announced Lady Gaga on September 29th.) He and manager Rick Yorn each shook their heads. "No, nope, no, the NFL is still having issues of course with kneeling," Justin said. "There is nothing to announce."

So, that's a downer.

But "Wonder Wheel" — which I see is dividing press who saw it this week– I feel is a strong drama with moral twist that will surprise the audience. Winslet is extraordinary in her transition through the arc of the film. And her work in the third act will yield her many nominations and awards.

Check out photos of Justin Timberlake at the New York Film Festival at Zimbio.


Review: Lance Bass and Larger Than Life dazzle at Mulcahy's - 10/15/17

Digital Journal, 10/15/17 --

On October 13, boy band Larger Than Life performed at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall, which featured Lance Bass from *NSYNC as their special musical host.

Larger Than Life was introduced by Lance Bass of the world renowned boy band *NSYNC, who got the Mulcahy's crowd pumped up about 90's Night.

"We have a long way to go tonight. Now, who has seen Larger Than Life before?" Bass asked, and the response was tremendous. "Damn, you have some groupies in the house. Well, I'm a big fan too, and I came to see their show. Guys, let's have some fun tonight. Shall we?"

Larger Than Life performed all of the boy band hits including their namesake tune "Larger Than Life," "Tearin' Up My Heart," as well as songs from New Kids on the Block. The more contemporary songs "Despacito" (Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber), "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" (Shawn Mendes), and "Can't Stop the Feeling" (Justin Timberlake) were added bonuses.

Particularly impressive about "Bye Bye Bye" was that Lance Bass jumped on stage and showcased his spot-on dance moves, where the audience went nuts, as rightfully so, as they were reliving their childhood.

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining night for all, especially for Larger Than Life members Edvin, Toly, Devin, Chris and Price, who were able to make this childhood dreams of theirs a reality (to share the stage with Lance Bass). As always, Larger Than Life did the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and the other boy bands proud. Their charisma and passion for performing is evident, as well as their love for Mulcahy's and their dedicated fans and listeners. Well done boys.

Read more here.



'Like I Love You' 15th Anniversary - 10/15/17


Joey Fatone on Preparing for His New Role as a Rat in 'A Witches' Ball' - 'I Ate a Lot of Cheese' - 10/14/17


Justin Timberlake part of concert for disaster relief tonight - 10/14/17



Social media would have been good and bad for *NSYNC - 10/14/17

Page Six, 10/13/17 --

Joey Fatone joined *NSYNC back in 1995, but he has some sage advice for any youngsters venturing into music today.

"You can pursue music and be a doctor . . . Always have the doctor as a backup plan just in case, but try both," he said at the Turn 2 Foundation gala.

He did not have such lofty goals himself. "My backup plan was to work at Universal or on a cruise line when I was younger," he revealed.

Meanwhile, if his boy band had come of age with social media, "I think we would have been a lot bigger on a faster scale." But then again, "if it was around when the group was at its height — they would have caught two things: Me walking out of a strip club and drinking under the age. S - - t happens!"


Joey Fatone Transforms Into a Singing Rat in 'A Witches' Ball' - 10/12/17

Entertainment Tonight, 10/12/17 --

'A Witches' Ball' follows 12-year-old witch Beatrix and her pet rat, Muggs', adventures as Beatrix learns to use her magical powers. The Halloween film premieres on Discovery Family on Saturday, Oct. 14, at 9 p.m. ET.

Watch the video here.


A 34-Year-Old FDA Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood Exists: Lance Bass Wants It Gone - 10/12/17

Billboard, 10/11/17 --

On October 2, the day after the Las Vegas massacre, Lance Bass phoned a friend. Already knowing the answer, he asked if blood donations were still banned for people like him.

"I called my friends that were donating blood at the Red Cross Vegas, just to see," he told Billboard. "I knew they would turn it down, of course, but I just wanted to have the ask out there again."

And what did the Red Cross say?

"Exactly what I knew they'd say," Bass replied. "That they can't receive a gay man's blood."

Since 1983, MSM, or "men who have sex with men," has been the CDC and FDA's legal and federal classification for a group of people whose blood is not welcome at national blood banks and local donation centers across the U.S. For the better part of 34 years, the government has held onto the controversial MSM ban, a policy that says homosexual male blood is "too risky" to use, and that a donation from an otherwise healthy man must be discarded to protect against potential population contamination and "HIV infection." The historic explanation behind MSM is statistically conservative and traditionally simplistic, one we're probably all too familiar with; the subsequent fall out from this existing policy is much messier.

In the early eighties, the emergence of AIDS was found to initially be associated with "male-to-male sexual contact," a disease thought to only be ailing the gay population. As new data emerged, scientists and government officials discovered that heterosexuals could also contract AIDS through commercial sex work (CSW) and intravenous drug use (IDU). In 1984 it was discovered that a virus, now known as HIV, caused AIDS, and HIV was something we could potentially screen for. By 1985, we had the first HIV screening tests for patients and potential donors.

Read more here.



Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival generates over $500,000 in revenue - 10/12/17, 10/12/17 --

The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival marked it's third and most-successful year with over $500,000 in revenue generated.

Headlined by artists Justin Timberlake, Eddie Vedder, and Ryan Adams, the two day festival generated $533,720 in revenue from the over 27,000 people who attended.

In addition over $85,000 of revenues was donated back to the Williamson County community, home to the 230 acre Park at Harlinsdale where the festival takes place.


Joey Fatone visits Fox 5 New York - 10/12/17


The 90's House Gang Is Ready To Strike A Pose - 10/12/17

MTV, 10/12/17 --

Some stellar films were made during the 90's -- classics such as Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman, Titanic, Jurassic Park and many more (thousands were made, so we can't name 'em all). And the 90's House gang will honor this decade of cinema with a fun and quirky mission.

"You gotta come up with your own totally '90s movie poster," host Lance Bass informs the cast members in the sneak peek of this week's episode, above. "We'll give you props, costumes, anything you need to make a killer poster." And ACTION!

So who is excited to tackle the challenge, and who has some reservations about working with their partner? Watch the clip to learn more, and don't miss a brand-new episode of 90's House on Tuesday at 11/10c!



Joey Fatone live on Facebook today - 10/12/17


Chris and Karly Kirkpatrick Welcome Son Nash Dylan - 10/11/17

PEOPLE, 10/10/17 --

It's a boy for Chris Kirkpatrick! The *NSYNC alum's wife Karly gave birth to the couple's first child, son Nash Dylan Kirkpatrick, on Tuesday, Oct. 10, his rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, baby Nash measured 19.5 inches and weighed 8 lbs., 9 oz.

Kirkpatrick, 45, and his wife revealed exclusively to PEOPLE in March that they were going to be parents, sharing a hilarious manipulated image of themselves in front of the movie poster for The Boss Baby.

"Karly and I are over the moon excited that we are welcoming a new addition to the family," Kirkpatrick told PEOPLE at the time. "We are both looking forward to becoming parents, and learning how much fun having a child will be."

For the spouses of almost four years, the concept of expanding their family has been on their minds for a while, according to the singer, dancer and voice actor.

"Karly wants to have kids really quickly, so we're going to do that. That's our plan," Kirkpatrick said in 2013. "We're definitely ready to have children – we both want them."

In May, the then-dad-to-be shared a photo to Twitter to reveal the sex of the baby, showing himself and Karly posing next to a paintball crossbow and sign that read, "Boy or girl?" with blue paint splashed across it.

Check out more photos of the family here.


Jimmy Fallon on Balancing His House Full of Women, Bromance With Justin Timberlake - 10/11/17

Entertainment Tonight, 10/11/17 --

Everything Is Mama for Jimmy Fallon's two daughters, Winnie and Frances.

ET's Cameron Mathison sat down with the Tonight Show host in the Rainbow Room of 30 Rock in New York City last week, where he opened up about his second children's book, and what it's like as the odd man out in a house full of ladies.

While Fallon keeps his eye on Franny, he says both his daughters already love performing. "They watch Daddy. They've seen me dress as a 15-year-old girl. They're kind of like, 'Yeah, that's what Dad does,'" he explained. "They just love to be silly and laughing. They're very happy kids."

The former Saturday Night Live star's kids also get a lot of sleep -- while their dad hangs out with pals like Justin Timberlake. "The book is short enough, so you can read the book and get the hell out of the bedroom," he joked, before dishing on his bromance with the singer.

"He's just a good guy, very creative," he shared. "I got a tandem bike for my birthday. Justin comes over and goes, 'Let's go ride it.' I go, 'Want to go bro biking?' And he's like, 'Bro biking! Let's do it!'"

"We just have a good time," Fallon added. "Who knows the adventures, what's going to happen?"

Read more here.



You Need Lance Bass' Mississippi Tater Casserole at Your Next Game Day - 10/11/17

Us Weekly, 10/11/17 --

Bless your heart, Lance Bass! The former *NSYNC member invited Us Weekly into his Los Angeles kitchen for one of the most decadent southern dishes – his Mississippi Tater Casserole. Y'all need to try this – watch the video to see how it's done.

The recipe, which he calls a "Mississippi staple," is the perfect comfort food dish for colder weather. "This dish is the epitome of the holidays to me. This is what the holidays taste like," he explained to Us. "Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl – yes that's a holiday in the south. You name it – 4th of July, this is the casserole that's on every table because it's the perfect side dish to anything."

The dish, which contains hash browns, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, onion, cheddar cheese, and cornflakes, and margarine is not for the faint of heart. Bass, 38, says that his friends love to make fun of his Southern cooking. "I love making this dish because when you present it to your friends, they kinda laugh at it at first because it has cornflakes on top. They're like what kind of Mississippi dish is this, it's so white trash. But when they taste it, it's the best thing they've ever had and they're all taking seconds home with them."

The recipe is the ideal side dish for a game day or a holiday, but can also be eaten any time of day. "It's very easy and it tastes so good. You can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yeah – trifecta!" He said. "What's even better is – it's great the next day. You put it in the refrigerator and eat it cold the next morning – its good to go!"

Bass, who is currently the host of MTV's 90's House, built his own house and kitchen with food on his mind. "I built this kitchen a few years ago to pretend that I was on a cooking show, at all times." He revealed, "I'm that freak who loves Chef Ramsey, all the amazing TV chefs. My husband and I get together, he's my sous chef. I get to yell at him, its really fun. Stressful for him, but really fun for me."

Read more and watch the video here.


Justin Timberlake teasing new music? - 10/11/17


Joey Fatone at Autism Speaks 2017 Celebrity Chef Gala - 10/11/17

Autism Speaks, 10/9/17 --

WHAT: Acclaimed and accomplished chefs from around the country will put their cutting-edge skills to work at the Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala. Now marking its 11th year, the event helps fund vital research, free resources and services that meet the diverse needs of people with autism at every stage of life. It's part dinner party, part pop-up, part cooking demonstration as Cipriani Wall Street is transformed into a massive open kitchen with stations for nearly 100 chefs and pastry chefs.

Joey Fatone, the multi-platinum *NSYNC recording artist and star of Broadway, film and television, will emcee the evening. Fatone, who is also a restaurateur and an advocate for people with disabilities, has a daughter who is on the autism spectrum.

Read more here. Check out more photos of Joey Fatone at the gala at Zimbio.



Justin Timberlake Works His Magic in the Recording Studio With The Shadowboxers - 10/9/17

Entertainment Tonight, 10/6/17 --

ET has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the breakout pop group recording their latest song, 'HOT DAMN!' Get the full behind-the-scenes experience at


Lance Bass hosted Joni's Brunch - 10/9/17


Chris Kirkpatrick remembers Ralphie May - 10/9/17



Levi's Unveils 50 Collaborations to Boost Comeback - 10/6/17

Business of Fashion, 10/5/17 --

The word "Levi's" is practically synonymous with denim jeans. But the 164-year-old American heritage brand is hoping to expand its dominance to other product categories.

"We started saying, 'How do we pivot from share of denim to share of closet?'" says James 'JC' Curleigh, Levi's executive vice president and president of global brands. "And you find yourself exploring Levi's categories a little bit differently." That means belts, t-shirts, chambray shirts, knits, wovens and, most importantly for the brand at the present moment, the 1967 70505 Type III trucker jacket. With its signature front 'V' seams, the hardy workwear garment became fashionable when it was worn by the likes of George Harrison and Jefferson Airplane.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Type III trucker jacket, Levi's enlisted 50 influencers from around the world and asked them to customise or design their own versions of the trucker jacket, which will be revealed Thursday night at a splashy event before a crowd of about 400 influencers and members of the media at the Levi's Haus, a showroom-cum-performance space.

Collaborators hail from Mexico, China, India and everywhere in between and include musicians G-Dragon, Justin Timberlake, Diplo, Justice and Tinie Tempah; designers Virgil Abloh, Jun Takahashi, Masaba Gupta, Samuel Ross of A Cold Wall and Carla Fernández; models Karlie Kloss, Romee Strijd and Irene Kim; athletes Clayton Kershaw and Robbie Rogers, editors Laura Brown, Nick Sullivan, Emmanuelle Alt, Christine Centenera, Will Welch and Caroline Issa; entrepreneur Miroslava Duma; stylist Karla Welch; YouTube personality Jim Chapman, and many more — including the evening's performers, Chance the Rapper and Solange Knowles, and DJ, Snoop Dogg. The jackets, however, won't be for sale, but may go up for auction at the collaborator's discretion.

"Having these adjacencies with the people at the center of culture is super important, whether they are musicians or fashion designers," says Jonathan Cheung, Levi's head of design. "That's why events like this 50th anniversary are important. There's no immediate financial gain because we are not selling these jackets and we are not making reproductions of these jackets." For Cheung, the aim is to grow brand relevance, which will benefit the company's entire offering. "If you set your brand as a rocket ship, everything else will be pulled into the slipstream."

Read more here.


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