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You want to know about me? Wow, thanks! *lol* Here's the "Me" section. :-)



    Thanks so much for coming to my newly completely redone website, All For *NSYNC. It took me a really long time to finish, so I hope you enjoy it! This version of A4NS is the second version of the site. It was officially opened on April 13, 2001. The first version of A4NS was opened on May 25, 1999. (You can still visit the "shell" of the old version here.) If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints or anything else, feel free to contact me! I'll try to get back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon! :-)
                                                                                                      -Michelle, webmaster of All For *NSYNC

Yahoo: stargirl_46 (I'm signed up as stargirl_46 EVERYWHERE! So if you see a stargirl_46, it's probably me!)
E-mail:  webmaster@nsync-fans.com


I would like to thank the following people & websites for their help to All For *NSYNC:

  •   *NSYNC - JC, Lance, Joey, Chris, & Justin
  •   NSYNC.com
  •   NSYNC.de
  •   MTV Online
  •   RockOnTV - the ultimate guide to music on television.
  •   NSYNC Cyber World
  •   Rolling Stone
  •   Sonya
  •   My family & friends
  •   YOU! Without you, this website wouldn't be up.

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